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Cat Clothes -- Clothes For Cats

Updated on March 30, 2012

Where To Dress Your Cat In High Style

If you love your cat like a child, then you might want to dress Whiskers or Socks accordingly. Here are some unique clothing outlets where you can satisfy any feline's fashion fancy.

1. Cat Prin/Pet Office: This Japanese-based online cat clothing company offers a diverse range of feline outfits and lets your furry friend be almost anything he or she wants to be. Looking for a school girl outfit? They've got it. Anne of Green Gables? Check. Would your cat rather be a frog or a rabbit? Well, then there's the "Rabbit Head" or "Frog Transformation Kit." If you're having trouble deciding, Cat Prin's site include photos of felines modeling their goods so that you can have a better idea of what your sweetie will look like in them.

2. Catron Fashions: Catron's outfits appeared in the movie Anchorman and were featured on Dateline NBC. On their site, your cat (or dog) can find everything from hooded sweatshirts to sports T-shirts, to bikinis, to their most recent addition: Michael Jackson shirts. With Catron, your feline is sure to be stylish and attract much attention.

3. The Sophisticated Cat: As the name promises -- in fact, the company labels its outfits "couture" -- cats can find high quality items at this boutique, including coats, colorful sweaters and party dresses. There are also accessories available so that your feline can don a complete look (really, what cat wants to be without a matching wig?). With these looks, expect your animal to be taking to the runway.

4. Michi P: At this store, you can show off your cat's sense of humor with a "Cats Rule, Dogs Drool" or "I think I just sold the dog on Ebay," T-shirt. You can also find a "crazy cat bandana," as well as a "catnip Hannukah dreidel" and "patriotic kitty ball." No matter what your cat may be celebrating, chances are an appropriate item can be found here.

4. BaxterBoo: "Excessive Pet Cuteness," is what BaxterBoo promises on the site's homepage. They live up to the hype by offering cat jewelry (including the pearl necklace collar), cat tank tops and even a witch's hat that your feline can don for Halloween. On this site, you can find everything to keep your cat looking his or her very best.

How To Dress A Cat

Dressed Up Kitty


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    • profile image

      megan 6 years ago

      i have a cat and his name is wally i found him in the walmart parking lot and he sits in a hight chair and plays fetch and sleeps in a crib loves to go in the car in a carseat and i already dress my cat up and i garentey you he will not do nothing to you hell just get mad

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 8 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Of course, I would love to dress my cat up. But I would be afraid of what he would do to me while I slept :)

      Welcome to Hubpages.