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Planning a Birthday Pawty for your Jack Russell Terrier

Updated on April 7, 2015

First Things First

Just like any other birthday party you plan to do for any family member or friend, there is planning to do! Expect games, decorations, fun, treats, food and it doesn't have to cost a fortune!

  1. Do you know your furbabys birthday? My oldest is turning 10 this weekend so this is for him!
  2. Decide on where this event is to take place
  3. Who are you going to invite? friends and family, maybe some of his park doggy friends?
  4. Make a list of the activities and food!
  5. Presents!!

Finding out their D.O.B

If you have had your doggy since birthday, you probably worked out or were told when he/she was born. Check back to old diaries and calendars if you don't mark it on there already! If you have their papers, check that!

As foster parents, you should know their D.O.B, granted if you rescued them you may not know but you can always dedicate the day you brought them home to be their birthday! This is not only so you can hold birthday parties but also for medical records etc!


Where can this Pawty happen??

Depending on weather, time of year, space and how big this event is going to be, you could hold it indoors, in the garden, at your local park or beach (check with local councils first!!)

Be sure to have bins and bags ready for any toilet breaks, no one wants to see or step in anything when they're having fun!!

For Example:-

  • Having a combination or indoor and garden party
  • Indoors could cover foods and perhaps a ball bath!
  • Outdoors could have a BBQ and agility course!

Who to invite??

When making these invitations, you could include close friends and family, perhaps owners and your doggies friends from the park, classes, clubs etc

Make sure to state it would be a Pawty, which means loads of chaos, dogs running around, food and games (incase their dogs don't do well with certain groups of dogs etc).

Remember to be clear about house trained doggies too, and to be considerate and picking up after their own furbabys too!

Someone Else JRT Celebrating their birthday

Food and Activities

Have grown up foods as well as doggy friendly foods! There are many doggy friendly cake recipes online so your pooch can enjoy their very own birthday cake! (I wouldn't put on candles though lol)

Jack Russells are VERY energetic and can endure marathons so make sure to have plenty of toys, and games available! For example, making an agility course in the garden, with slides, hoops etc. Fill an old paddling pool with balls, for their very own ball bath. You could hide treats everywhere and see which doggy manages to sniff them all out! Or fill a room with balloons with a treat inside and have the doggies pop them, to get their own treat!



The best part! It could be toys, treats, you name it! Everyone can bring one to the party and enjoy watching your doggy rip up the wrapping paper to find his/her treat!

You Gotta Sing Happy Birthday!

Don't Forget

To make sure if any young puppies are there, are not left alone with the bigger dogs. JRT are fearless from day one and would take a dog 3 times their size without thinking!

When inviting people, state all doggies should be up to date with their vaccinations, play well with others, what foods will be available (if their dog doesn't/can't eat to bring something for them), make sure all dogs have their collars with license on as they might become rebels and decide to turn into escape artists!

Keep plenty of fresh water available for the doggies!

Reward them for good behaviour!

Have fun as their foster parents, take pictures, play with them and enjoy yourself!

Will/Do you hold pawties for your furry children?

See results

© 2015 MFPrincess


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