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Poodle Power! Toy Poodle Dog Breed Information

Updated on January 19, 2010
Many people love to play dress-up with their Toy Poodle!
Many people love to play dress-up with their Toy Poodle!

Toy Poodles are the smallest of the three Poodle varieties. Bred down from its larger and older cousins (the Standard and Miniature Poodle) in France during the eighteenth century, Toy Poodles are both intelligent and highly trainable. Toy Poodles weigh approximately four to eight pounds, stand ten inches or less and live twelve to fourteen years (that is a long life and a huge commitment!).

These adorable, friendly dogs come in several colors including: white, cream, brown, apricot, black, silver and blue. Though these little dogs look like stuffed toys, they are much more than the fashion accessories that some celebrities have made them out to be. Due to the over popularity of this breed, puppy mills have been churning out these adorable little dogs in excess. If you are considering adding a Toy Poodle to your family, please consider adoption! When you adopt a dog, you save a life!

Toy Poodles were extremely popular with European royalty, including France's Louis XVI and Queen Anne of England. They were often trained to perform in traveling shows and circuses as well as portrayed in fine pieces of artwork. Toy Poodles are extremely intelligent animals which makes them easy to train. These little dogs are highly excitable so training techniques should be calm, kind and consistent. They are sensitive dogs and, therefore, do not react well to negative training methods. Toy Poodles can become bored easily so their training needs to be fun and entertaining. If your Toy Poodle becomes bored, you can expect him to become mischievous and disinterested. Though sensitive they are quick learners that aim to please their people.

Toy Poodles are very smart, therefore, easy to train!
Toy Poodles are very smart, therefore, easy to train!

Is The Toy Poodle The Right Dog For You?

Toy Poodles need owners who will recognize that they are much more than simple fashion accessories. Though they may be fun to dress up in frilly outfits, Toy Poodles need affection, attention and plenty of mental stimulation! Due to their thick curly coats, Toy Poodles require regular grooming. Daily brushings and regular visits to the groomer are a must in order to prevent matting. If this particular breed is not groomed regularly, tangles and mats will form that could eventually cause skin irritation and infections.

Though children love Toy Poodles because they are small and easy to handle, this breed does best with adults. Children are often too rough and can easily cause injuries if not taught how to properly handle such a small breed. If your heart is truly set on a small poodle (and you have a small child), consider the Miniature Poodle as they are sturdier than the Toy.

Toy poodles are wonderful dogs for people who are not big fans of exercise. Though the Toy Poodle does appreciate regular walks, they don't need as much exercise as their cousins (the Standard and Miniature). Keep in mind however, that regular walks will keep your Toy Poodle well exercised both physically and mentally!

Possible Medical Issues

Though Toy Poodles are wonderful little dogs they do have some traits to be aware of. This breed has above average coat requirements (which can mean a lot of grooming) and they tend to be big barkers! Some bloodlines can be extremely high-strung and over sensitive so if you must buy a poodle it is VERY important that you do your homework and choose a responsible breeder. Toy Poodles are generally healthy animals. However, they can inherit certain disorders including kneecap dislocation, epilepsy, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Overall, Toy Poodles are wonderful, intelligent little dogs who love to be part of a family. They are highly trainable and respond well to positive training methods. They come in a variety of colors and yes, you can even buy little outfits for your Toy Poodle if you choose to do so. No matter what dog you choose to add to your family please remember that dogs are a commitment! They deserve the proper medical care, attention, and of course, LOVE! Woof!

Sweet and Small!
Sweet and Small!


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      Toy Poodle Owner 4 years ago

      What would you recommend as a nutritious food for the toy poodle?