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Let Poop Troops Take Care of Fido's Mess: The Convenient Solution to Dog Poop Clean-Up

Updated on October 23, 2023
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I am a mental health professional who loves to express my thoughts on diverse topics through writing.

Get rid of that backyard stench!
Get rid of that backyard stench! | Source

What are the Poop Troops?

On the website, Poop Troops mentions that their specialty is in pet waste removal for homes that are considered residential. They even visit apartments, dog daycares, hotels, and other places that require dog waste removal. They operate out of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Dallas, as far as Texas is concerned. They also run in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and within the Phoenix Metro area. I found it comforting that the serves were back with a one hundred percent money back guarantee. They promise that if the work is not done right the first time, it will be done at no charge to the customer. The website mentions that with the set weekly price that one decides on, four dogs are included at the lowest, reasonable price in town. The best part is that there is no contract, and also Poop Troops hauls away the waste for free! The reason that this is good news is that other dog waste removal services leave the bag of dog waste at the resident's home, or they attempt to throw it away in a trashcan that they can find outside the home. I didn't like the thought of having to deal with a bag of dog waste lying around, or even the smell of dog waste putrefying in the trash can. Poop Troops cater to a wide variety of pet waste needs, whether one needs a cleanup at one time, or three visits per week are required. Poop Troops comes in marked trucks, so no seedy, suspicious looking vehicles or 'Candyman vans' will show up at your residence. The technicians that come by are in uniform, and they have been vetted through background checks. The Poop Troops services are fully insured, and they will email you a picture of the gate being secured after each service. I had a bit of an issue with this, as I don't receive the emails because they accidentally sent it to the wrong email address, and haven't been able to fix it in their system.

Poop Troops and Payment Plans

For Poop Troops, I pay $15.14 every week. They come out on Fridays, and I get billed on Saturdays. On my bank, the charge shows up as Pooper Troopers USA LLC. If you need a onetime cleanup, the price is about sixty dollars. If you need a cleanup every two weeks, the price is about twenty-one dollars. If you need a cleanup once a week, the price is fifteen dollars. (This is the schedule I'm on right now!) If you need a cleanup twice weekly, the price is close to fourteen dollars per visit, and three times weekly services, the price drops down to thirteen dollars per visit. So, to have Poop Troops come out three times a week, the weekly cost will be $38.97, plus tax. This equals out to about $155.88 a month. Monthly, for once a week service, I’m paying $59.96, which is worth it for dog removal waste-related peace of mind. For 14.99 per week. It’s just $2.10 per day on this plan. I'm perfectly fine with that, considering the high cost of coffee on the go, or whatever else we tend to spend two dollars on during a daily work or leisure day.

Poop Troops Client Login and Free Service

To schedule a free service, one has to fill out their name, address, zip code, email and phone number; then on the site, you click on the blue box that says "Please Contact Me." Poop Troops will then contact you within 24 hours and schedule a free service. The free service will let you have a good idea of how Poop Troops works, and you'll be able to gauge if it's a good fit for your family or not. On the top right of the Website, it says Client Login. The client login lets you access your Poop Troops account. I feel that this is awesome, as other waste removal services only contact you on the phone, yet want your credit card information. Once you make a username and password with Poop Troops, you can log in. You can make a payment under this online account management. You can also update cards used to pay, and update contact information. You can ask questions if there are any areas of concerns efficiently by filling out a small form online.

Dog Waste: NOT Fertilizer. It's Toxic.

Dog waste removal that is careful, efficient and done on a consistent basis helps remove germs from the area that cause odor. It also helps maintain an attractive appearance in the backyard, while making sure that the backward is open to the sweeter things in life, like barbequing, playing on the slip and slide in the summer, or just relaxing away. Many people feel that dog waste is an excellent, natural, safe fertilizer if they just leave it out on the lawn, but this is just not true. Dogs have a tremendous amount of protein in their diet. This produces dog waste that is acidic. Dog waste is toxic to one's lawn and contains over twenty million kinds of fecal bacteria. Dogs attract flies as well, causing a potential fly larva infestation outside and in the home. The bacteria in dog waste can enter the ground and end up in the local water supply. The bacteria and parasites can infect humans, local flora, and also other pets and wildlife in the area. This is why removal of dog waste is significant, not just for aesthetic appeal, for but the health of oneself and their family.

Poop Troops for the Win

I feel as if Poop Troops has improve the backyard appeal, leaving it a healthier place that doesn’t have that lingering dog waste smell. Not having to deal with a bag of dog waste has been fantastic, and I’m sure that my husband is grateful that I’m not nagging him to pick up the dog excrement. There’s an absolute peace of mind that comes with knowing that at least once a week. A professional will come to the home, take care of the dog waste, and charge an affordable fee the next day. I’m delighted with the service. Communication through email or over the phone is excellent, and if payment did not go through for any reason, they are reasonable and accommodating and will work with one’s situation.

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