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Potty Training Tips for Puppy or Dog: Using a Bell to Keep it Outside

Updated on June 16, 2013

Wow! My puppy just can't seem to get it right. I tell him "No" when he goes potty in the house and when I send him outside, he just won't go. Sound familiar? It did for my wife and I until we got our last crazy puppy and came up with the perfect fix for potty training a puppy.

If any one ever has any problem with potty training a puppy or even an older dog, then listen up. Before buying pee-pee pads or any other expensive item, go out and buy yourself a small jingle bell (usually seen around christmas time). Tie a piece of string to it and hang it from the door that you take your dog out. Take your new loved puppy out every hour and as you walk outside, stop at the door, ring the bell, and say "Go Potty." Take the puppy out and watch him until he does his business. When he does, praise the puppy with "Good Boy/Girl!," and/or give the puppy a treat. Also, as the puppy is doing it's bussiness make sure you say "Go Potty" during its business and then praise after. The puppy or older dog will then associate the words, "Go Potty" with the ringing of the bell. The puppy will be ringing the bell in a couple of weeks.

Using this technique is a quick and effective way to properly house train your puppy or dog. You will be presently surprised how fast he will pick up on the traininJust it is imperative that you ring the bell each time you go outside for him to go potty.

Praise, praise, and more praise as dour puppy potties. Also, any time your puppy goes to the bell and rings it, be sure to praise and immediately take him outside while saying those magic words, "Go Potty." This will help drill the training into the puppy's brain and the praise tells him he is doing everything right.

As a side note, if you tell the puppy "no" when it is going potty in the house, he may think that it is wrong all together. Instead of yelling at your puppy when it goes indoors, you should ignore him and clean it up. I am not saying this is foolproof, but you must understand that even a puppy will have accidents once in a while. But if you are paying close attention to the hour and your puppy, accidents will be few and far between. Remember puppies especially need to be monitored if he is not in a kennel. You don't want him getting into any trouble.

Also, remember this rule of thumb; a puppy can only hold it's bladder for one hour per month it ages plus one. For example, if a puppy is three months old, it can only hold it's bladder for up to four hours.

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    • MarleyOz profile image

      MarleyOz 6 years ago

      Thank you. I was amazed myself that she picked up on it quick. The funny thing is the cat picked up on it too.

    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      Interesting and very informative. I'm glad the bell trick worked for you.