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Product review: Cloud Star Buddy Wash, Buddy Rinse, and Buddy Splash dog bath products

Updated on December 13, 2011

For those of you who have seen some of my other dog articles here on HubPages, you might have noticed that I have quite a few photos of the same dog posted with my Hubs. That furry (mostly) white beast is my 2 year old Papillon, Kitsune. For those of you who don't know much about Papillons, they are a very active long haired toy breed dog often times called the Border Collies of the toy dog world. And let me tell you, Kitsune is not lacking in the energy department. He's a very playful and hyper little guy, which doesn't always mean good things for his long white fur. But what can you do, dogs will be dogs after all. Luckily for me, I no longer cringe when I see his soft white fur covered in sand, mud, and god knows what else, because I've found an awesome set of products that work amazingly well even at getting my little dirt bomb clean.

My pup, Kitsune, in the bath.
My pup, Kitsune, in the bath.

So from the title of this post I'm sure you've already realized that I'm talking about Cloud Star's line of dog bath products; Buddy Wash, Buddy Rinse, and Buddy Splash. The thing that first attracted me to Cloud Star's grooming products was the fact that they are made from all natural ingredients, gentle and soap free, and do not test on animals. Why should the planet and other animals have to suffer to keep our pups clean?

The thing that keeps me buying these products again and again, though, is how wonderfully they work. Buddy Wash, a two and one shampoo plus conditioner, works up a really nice lather despite the fact that it's soap free. It does an amazing job cleaning my dirty dog's pure white fur. Buddy Rinse is a deep conditioner for your pooch that leaves their hair silky soft and smelling great. During Kitsune's baths, after I shampoo him I usually let the conditioner sit for a minute or two while I was his face and ears with a wash clothe, then I rinse him again. Buddy Splash is a spray on leave-in conditioner/deodorizer that works great are freshening up between baths.

All of the Cloud Star bath products come in three scents, Green Tea & Bergamot, Lavender & Mint, and Rosemary & Mint. Honestly I've never tried the Rosemary & Mint (yet) but I have used both the other scents on my dog and really enjoy them both. The scents in these products are created with Botanical extracts and they smell very refreshing with no chemically or artificial scents. Once your dog dries after his/her bath the smell isn't overpowering at all, but if you snuggle up close to your pup you'll be able to smell the product. Personally I don't like really strong chemically smelling products, so these for me where perfect. When the smell from the bath starts to wear off, you can always use the Buddy Splash without bathing your pooch. One of the great things I love about these products is that my dog never gets that wet dog smell, even when he gets wet outside. When his fur gets wet, even if it's been awhile since his last bath, his fur smells like his shampoo.

Some dog bath products can be really drying to their fur and skin, especially if they are used often. I'll admit that I do bath my dog a lot, probably a lot more than your average dog owner. I'm happy to say, though, that even with regular baths Kitsune's fur and skin is in perfect condition. We've never had any issues with these products causing dry skin or anything like that.

I may be a bit biased, but like most owners I think my dog is absolutely the cutest in the world. However more often than his cuteness, people who meet him almost always comment on how soft and clean his fur looks. Not to brag (too much), but he has the softest fur that I have ever personally felt on a dog. And despite the fact that, like I already mentioned, he's a very hyper and active dog, his long silky white fur never has any of the staining or discoloration that can be common for light colored dogs. Cloud Star's products are the only bath and grooming type products that I ever use on his fur.

And if you need any more reasons to check these products out, 10% of Cloud Star's net profits are donated to non-profit organizations that benefit animals, the environment, women, and children. Oh, and Buddy Wash, Buddy Rinse, and Buddy Splash are completely safe for human use too. Ya know, in case you get jealous of your dog's awesome bath products and want to try them out yourself!


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