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Proper Cat Nutrition: The Importance Of A Healthy Diet For Your Cat

Updated on January 20, 2012

The Importance Of Proper Cat Nutrition

Proper cat nutrition is important for your cat to live a healthy long happy life. Cats have a craving for meat and are natural carnivores.

What is needed in a cat's diet you may be wondering?

Having enough Taurine is essential in their development. If a kitten does not have this it will go blind or develop cardiomyopathy, a fatal heart disease.

Choose a quality cat food preferably a natural cat food that has all the necessary 43 nutrients a cat needs.

The following is what is needed to properly nourish your cat:

  • Protein for healthy body tissue
  • Carbs for energy
  • Fat to absorb and store vitamins for shiny coat
  • Vitamins for metabolism
  • Minerals for skin, hair and development

Cat nutrition will depend on what kind of cat you are feeding. Do you have a kitten? An adult cat or an older cat.

Benefits of Dry Food versus Canned Food

Dry food is has a crunchy texture and is good for keeping your cats teeth clean from tartar. You can also keep it out longer if you will be gone through the day.

Canned food though is far superior in nutritional value with much more vitamins and nutrients.

It is best to feed your cat a canned moist food and supplement with dry for a good balance.

Having trouble reading the label
on your cat's food?

It can be confusing just as reading food on human food. It is important to know exactly what you are putting into your pets mouth.

Looking at a food label check for what is listed first. If you see chicken or a chicken by product this means the food is higher in protein.

If corn is listed first than it is higher in carbohydrates.

Your cats food should not have too much carbohydrates. You want to find something lower in carbs. Certain types of carbs such as rice have high glycemic indices which allows sugar to be absorbed too fast. Corn is than needed to slow down this sugar absorption. So some carbs are a good thing.

Cat Nutrition Guidelines to Follow

  • Minimum 28% protein for adult cats
  • 31 to 32% normal
  • Fat 21%
  • Minerals 6%
  • Vitamins 2%
  • Fiber 3%
  • and Carbohydrates 36%

Once you have picked out what food you will use be sure the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCU) has tested it by reading the label.

Finally, will your furry feline like what food you've picked out?

Your cat may or may not like the food you select. If you are trying to get him to introduce a new food do this slowly. Do not switch his food all at once. Try just mixing in a small amount with the old for 10 days slowly increasing with the new food.

Kittens more easily will try a variety of foods if start when they are first weaned from their mother.

Water is important so be sure to have plenty of fresh water out. If not enough water your cat will end up dehydrated.An average 10-lb cat needs one 1/4 cupt water a day.

Have you ever given your cat milk or let your cat drink your left over milk from your cereal bowl? I'm guilty of that one myself in the past. I have found out that adult cats lack the enzyme that allows them to digest lactose.


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