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Awesome Puppy Teethers

Updated on October 24, 2012

Puppies go through a teething stage just like human babies do, and if you've got a puppy who is teething, you really owe it to Fido to try to make it easier on the pup. A few decades ago this was pretty much unheard of, but nowadays there are loads of fabulous puppy teething toys available to make the experience as painless as possible. If you can't get one of these puppy toys due to your location, crushed ice (not super hard ice, as it's not too hard for some dogs to chew on) can be a good substitute; but if you do have access to one of these toys, Fido will love playing with them as much as he'll love the soothing affect they have on his gums and mouth.

PLEASE NOTE: Just because these toys are designed for puppies, doesn't mean it isn't possibly fora strong chewer to break them over time -- never leave your puppy unattended with them and always check to make sure they are intact before you give them to them. Be especially careful with the toys with strings, as they do sometimes come off and you don't want your puppy to eat them.

Pet Stages Teething Stick

Having personal experience with this very cute Pet Stages Teething Stick, I can tell you that puppies do indeed find it interesting, as it makes very cool crinkling sounds and the texture is inviting. It's meant to be placed in the freezer and it does chill up, but once it's out it won't stay cold for very long because of the material it's made from. Nevertheless, puppies do like it -- just be aware that it's not a heavy-duty toy and could be torn apart by some puppy's, especially the larger breeds.

Large Ruff Puppy Teether

This is the large version of the Ruff Puppy teething toy for puppies. As with the previous teether, this is made from polyurethane and is similar to the material use in human baby teethers. Place it in the freezer and remove it when chilled for puppy to chew on when he is teething.

Pet Stages Cool Teether

This is another Pet Stages teether I've got personal experience. It's a ball, obviously, but most puppies seem to be more interested in chewing on the streamer knots. It can be put in the freezer, but, again, it won't stay cold as long as you'd like. Nevertheless, it's a good toy -- but do mind the strings as some puppies may be able to chew them off and you don't want them swallowing them.

Organic Edible Puppy Teether

This organic puppy teether treat is very popular and loved by puppies. The chew toy is soft and pliable but chewy and entertaining; many people say their puppies spend as long as an hour just chewing away on it! They don't contain plastic, rubber, nylon or other inedible ingredients. Not many stores seem to carry these puppy teethers, but they are very cheap and you can find them at Amazon.



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