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Purchase Dog Meds Online The Safe Way

Updated on January 10, 2010

Can I Purchase Dog Meds Online?

Can you purchase dog meds online? Absolutely! Can you do so without fear of injury to your pets? Well, that's a whole different question altogether, but I'll do my best to answer it.

You see, this second question isn't one I can give a simple yes or no answer to, as it depends on you knowing how to shop for your pet meds safely. The internet is full of salesman - some honest and some not - and sifting out the good from the bad is only half the battle. For you see, there is work to be done, even before considering a purchase of dog meds online.

This article will take you through the proper course from start to finish, leaving you with the answer ... Yes, you can purchase dog meds online safely, but only if you follow rules I will give you to insure these meds will be purchased and administered properly. While you can chose to ignore my advice and get away with it, know that you are jeopardizing your pets health in doing so. Trust me ... I purchase nearly all of my pet meds online, and I have never experienced any problem in doing so - and that's because I never violate my own rules for pet care - to be safe, you shouldn't either.

I Already Know What's Wrong with My Dog!

Do you, really? Are you certain of that? Because if you're wrong - even once - you could injure your pet, and we all know that's now what you have in mind. After all, if you are seeking meds for your pet then it makes sense you are trying to care for your loved one, not cause them harm. That's why it's so important to be certain before providing treatment yourself.

Getting the opinion of a vet is vital to treating your pet. Most vets charge a nominal fee for a typical exam, so there really is no reason not to have your pet checked out. After all, that simple scratch behind the ear you believe to be caused by fleas could actually be an inner ear infection robbing your dog of its hearing. It always pays to get a vet's opinion!

So why do so many people avoid the vet?

Cost ... The cost of the visit, the cost of the pills ... Everyone is trying to save a buck today, but it should never come at the expense of a loved one, now should it? That's why you set an appointment with the vet - even if you only consider the trip as a confirmation of something you already know, as then you will have the peace of mind that you are treating your pet for the right mallady.

And yes, I already know you intend to treat your pet yourself, as that's why you are reading this article. You heard how purchasing dog meds online could save you a lot of money, and yes, it can - and it can be done safely if done properly.

If I Go, The Vet Will Force Me To Buy Their Expensive Meds!

Really? My vet doesn't. If yours does then you need to find a different vet. The fact is, you can tell your vet that you will be purchasing your meds online, and typically they will respect that. However, do not tell the vet this is your intention as you walk in to have your pet observed or you will just walk out with a diagnosis, and that's not what you went in for ...

I can hear those gears turning ... If you didn't walk in for the diagnosis then why were you there? Well, you already gave yourself the answer earlier, you just forgot what it was. For, you see, you want to purchase your pet meds online. However, to do so in a safe manner you need to know what meds to purchase, how much to administer, and when to administer it. These are all things that your vet can tell you, but he won't waste his time doing so if you are affront with him from the beginning.

My recommendation is to let the vet prescribe what they will, and when you are checking out at the front desk alert them to the fact that you will be purchasing the online to 'save a few bucks'. They'll understand and your vet won't be offended. Pay the bill, take home the discharge papers with the info on them, then be on your merry way!

Can I Do This Every Time?

You can, but there will be times when you do not want to do this. For example, if your pet is in a lot of pain or the vet makes it clear the meds need to be started right away, do not wait to purchase them online. Purchase the meds then and there! Making your pet suffer to save a few bucks is just cruel. Besides, you can still save some money by asking if you can just pay for a few days of supplies - just enough to tide you over until you can have meds shipped to you.

Can I Purchase All Of My Dog Meds Online?

If it's a med that a vet sends home with you, then yes, you can typically purchase it online. Besides, if you tell the front desk that you intend to purchase your meds online they will typically notify you if there is a certain med you won't be able to secure that way. And if you don't trust their answer, look it up on the internet when you get home - provided they were right and you were wrong, you can start up a visit with a new vet the next day - allowing you to keep your pride intact.

Just remember, the best dog meds to purchase online are those that you will be giving your pet regularly (such as heartworm and/or flea meds) or over a long period of time (such as anti-inflammatories or painkillers).

Why Are Dog Meds Cheaper Online?

Three words ... near zero overhead.

When you order your pet meds online a computer takes your order and passes it on to a person who pulls the product from a warehouse, packages it, then ships it out. The warehouse buys the products in bulk, so they receive a decent discount which they pass on to you. Your vet doesn't charge more because they dislike you or see you as an excellent money maker - they charge more because they, themselves, are charge more, and they have to pass that cost on you if they want to remain in business.

Your vet isn't greedy - your vet just doesn't receive the same deep discount available to online distributors.

Where Is The Best Online Place To Shop?

Oh, I am not about to answer that question ...

Why, you may ask? Credibility ... If I say the XYZ petstore is the best place to purchase dog meds online then I am doing nothing more than fronting an article to sell you on XYZ'z service and products. Myself, I shop through three different reliable vendors and I comparison price between them - as well as shop geographically when I need my pet meds quicker.

My goal was to express to you that shopping for pet meds online is definitely a safe thing to do, provided you go to the vet and have your pet examined before doing so, and remember to get the important information you will need:

  • What meds does my pet need?
  • When does my pet need them administered?
  • How do i administer them?
  • How much should I administer?
  • For how many days should I administer them?
  • What safety precautions should I take when administering them?
  • What possible bad things could happen that I should be looking out for?

Once you have all of that info together, then it's only a matter of doing an online search for places that sell pet meds online.

Which brings us to the next question:

If You Refuse To Tell Me Where To Shop, Will You At Least Tell Me What To Look For?

Yes, that I can do ...

First off, locate a few online pet med stores and check out their websites. Again, I won't provide any links in my article as this would be showing favoritism. Next, look on their site for a link that's typically called 'about', which will tell you more about the company you are considering.

The first thing you want to know is ... do they have an online pharmacist you can speak to? If so, call and ask to speak to the pharmacist. Confirm with their pharmacist what your vet told you about your pet. If they sound like they know their stuff that's a plus - otherwise, quietly hang up the phone and cross them off your list os possible prospects.

Next, ask them how long it will take to receive your meds. If they can't deliver within two weeks then you might want to dismiss them as this could be a sign that they carry a minimal amount of stock, which could lead to shortages in times of need.

Finally, ask them about their policies. Do they allow returns? If so, for how many days? Do they have volume discounts? Do they insure their shipments? These are all good questions to ask though the answers are more for your peace of mind than usage of a deciding factor of whether to go with them or not.

If all looks good then place a star beside the name of that pet supplier and look for others, and keep searching until you have at least three suppliers to go with. After all, the day could come when your #1 supplier lacks what you need and you might need to move onto a #2 or a #3. Always have a backup!

Do You Recommend Purchasing Dog Meds Online?

I only recommend that which I have done successfully on my own. As such, I definitely recommend purchasing your dog meds online, provided you follow through with the plan I laid out for you above. Again, never be your own vet, as your pet's health can suffer if you make the wrong choices. Allow the vet to do their job, and then you can secure your pet meds from any viable source you might find.

Do your research as I laid out above, and I have no doubt you will find several great places to shop from and you'll save a fair amount of cash. Just remember, your pets depends on you to make wise choices on all matters involving their health. If the hand was on the other paw, I can assure you they would do all they could to make wise choices for you as well.

May your pets always enjoy great health!

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