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Quanah Gets His Home

Updated on October 23, 2019
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Judy worked in insurance many years but her real love is animals, especially dogs and cats. She has been writing short stories for years.

Quanah is home.
Quanah is home.

Waiting for a Home

A little baby Ridgeback puppy was born in a backyard along with several siblings. He and his litter were cared for by his dog mama who fed and cleaned them well for the first 3 weeks of their lives.

At 3 weeks the pups were ready to start eating semi-solid food and were given a puppy mash to start with. Then a little more solid food was added every week until they were eating only the puppy food, much to their mama's relief.

Quanah, who was named for the last great chief of the Comanches, Quanah Parker, and one of his brothers, named Geronimo after the great Apache chief, were homed together. They were happy but couldn't seem to stay in a home. The two finally ended up with Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue in the hands of an experienced rescuer.

Meanwhile, a sad event occurred at the home of Lou and Judy. Their beloved dog, Caesar was very ill and despite trying hard to save him, he passed away in December, which made a sad Christmas season in their home.

Caesar's sister, Tsin'tia was left an only dog at age 11, but she had never been an only dog in her life, having been born in the family along with Caesar and never having had another home. Tsin'tial did not like being alone and she missed her brother terribly.

Tsin'tia started to decline in health and temperment. She had no energy and didn't even want to eat most of the time. Lou and Judy realized that they would have to get another dog and soon, or Tsin'tia would follow her brother.

Lou started looking into Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue and finally saw a young dog named Quanah was available for adoption. Lou was excited and showed Judy the picture of Quanah. He told her that the dog was obviously meant to be with them as his name was the same as their second dog back in the 1990s.

Lou and Judy put in an application to adopt Quanah, filling out a pretty long questionnaire and paying the fee. They were finally approved to adopt him. Then Judy and her best friend went to pick up Quanah in Buffalo, Texas.

When Judy and her friend arrived, they saw Quanah being walked by the Rescuer. He was even more handsome than they thought after seeing his picture. He was very friendly, too.

Judy loaded Quanah in the crate her friend was loaning her to get the boy back home. He was so big, he barely fit, but had room to lie down comfortably. He rode over 100 miles back to his new home. Quanah behaved beautifully all the way home.

After the long ride home, Quanah was introduced to Lou and to his new sister, Tsin'tia, who had been named after Lou and Judy's first dog, Tsin'tia. She in turn had been named for Chief Quanah Parker's mother, Cynthia Ann Parker.

Cynthia was a captive of the Comanches who took her from her family at 9 years old. She was adopted into the band and eventually married a warrior named Nocona.

The 18 month old pup, Quanah, had some big shoes to fill. Fortunately he had huge feed to fill them with. By the time he turned 2 the following August, he was at 110 pounds.

He loved his new home from the first day and loved it more every day. He had comfy beds in the house to lie on and his sister to keep him company. The only problem was that he wanted to play but his 60 pound sister, who was 12 years old, was too frail to play with such a big, bouncy boy.

Because he needed dog company he could play with, he was enrolled in a daycare one day a week so he would have other dogs to play with. Everyone was impressed by how sweet Quanah was.

By the time he was 2 years old, he was solidly in the family and was very happy with his new home. Lou and Judy loved him and his new sister did, too. Quanah had found his forever home.

© 2019 Judy Ward


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