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R.I.P Sandy the Dachshund :-( (History of my beloved pets, past and present)

Updated on November 21, 2015
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My very favorite population goes to the dogs. They will forever have a special place in my heart.

Sandy at the doggie park
Sandy at the doggie park | Source

Sandy (Purebred Dachshund)

This was the first and only time that I had EVER heard of my father actually BUYING a dog. (My father is a huge disappointment when it comes to animals. I take after my paternal grandfather, more than I do either of my parents.) Sandy was purchased in Illinois from a breeder just before my nephew was born. (Which also makes her 10 years old, just like the Black Lab Purebred.) However, there has always been debate on whose dog Sandy was, my mother's or my father's. (Apparently, neither really wanted the responsibility of a dog. My father thought my mother needed another dog when their dog, Rascal, died. My mother never asked for another dog. My father and I will always have different views on pets. To me, they will ALWAYS be family.)

Of course, I didn't meet her until I moved back to Missouri. She sure understood commands, such as "speak, go lay down, go to bed." The last few months, she was diagnosed with diabetes. The task of giving her insulin commenced. Today, October 5, 2015, we say good bye. I may have only known her since June 2013, but I cried just as much as I did for Dakota.

Now, my Angel is the only dog in this house. She's been going around the house watching my mother tossing out Sandy's doggie bed, like Sandy never existed. I, actually, now keep a photo album of all the dogs that have been in my life. It was something that I purchased around the time Dakota was put down. It's obvious that death is all around us. Now, I think, you know, I may have a seizure disorder, and it may be how I go out. However, it doesn't mean I will die alone. Maybe on this side I will, but on the other side, I predict that my grandfather and my beloved canines will be waiting for me. I am really ok with that!!

He is such a ham!
He is such a ham! | Source
Dakota | Source

Dakota (Purebred Black Lab)

Dakota was adopted from the breeders. (My brother helped name Dakota, just like I helped him name his current dog, Hazel.) He was picked out by a 5 year old girl, who walked in there planning to adopt a female yellow lab. (, the child was not colorblind.) She was told that it would be best if the dog chose her. We brought Dakota home on the oldest child's 9th birthday.

Dakota sure was a beauty and knew how to take care of his family, by getting bit by a snake (Water Moccasin or Copperhead) in the backyard. (Thankfully it wasn't one of the kids.) I took the dog to the vet, and by the time we got to the vet, you could see the fang marks of the snake that bit him, right on the nose. He has always been my vision of a true hero. No human has ever come close. (I, seriously doubt, any human ever will.) At one point, we had to remove me from Dakota's veterinarian visit, because he did not like the veterinarian in the same room with me. Yup! All this time, his reaction to male veterinarians, and Dakota was protecting me. What a beautiful soul!!

People will probably speak badly of the dog that I currently have now, just because she is Pitt. However, it was, ACTUALLY, the Black Lab that bit a child. I don't blame the dog. I blame the adult that was supposed to be watching him. Dakota was never allowed to go back to the bus stop ever again.

We had Dakota for only 10 years due to kidney failure. Things happened so quickly. He went from 104 lbs to 76 lbs.

Again, be prepared, purebred's do NOT live as long as mutts.

Angel | Source
Angel sure loves snow
Angel sure loves snow | Source
My best friend
My best friend | Source

Angel (Lab Mix, people say she looks like Pitt)

I saved Angel from the Animal Shelter when she was just 7 weeks old in 2008. Thinking she was a Lab Mix. Later, as she grew, people kept saying that she looked Pitt. However, when I saved her, she had worms mange and looked malnourished. I got her healthy, and she is still with me today. She gets along with other dogs. She gets along well with children. I am the only person that has raised her. She goes running to greet the neighbors, and the neighbors always send her back home. If that isn't beautiful, doggie therapy, I don't know what is.

Considering what my life is now, the things that were taken away from me. THIS DOG IS THE BEST THING I DID FOR MYSELF IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! She knows what was taken away. We have now gotten so close that she now feels comfortable climbing into my lap, when I am sitting in the recliner. In one of the pictures, you will see her using my head as her pillow. She had NEVER done that before.

I have always been the type of person that spoils my dogs. If my Dakota would have been willing to bite the hand of his vet in protection of me, then I have found my true calling. Because NO HUMAN has ever protected me like my canines, and I don't ever expect there to be.

Hazel (Mutt/Hound)

This is my brother's dog. She gets along very well with my Angel, and they became very fast friends. She's about 3 years old or so. Hazel is not as well trained as Angel is, which is saying something because Angel has not had an official training class. Angel knows lots more than Hazel does.

Hazel is a very lucky dog though. Her mommy never had a dog when she lived in the Philippines. She was not used to dogs at all. However, she got used to dogs real quick. She managed to get my Angel to eat when I went to New York and Canada to see family. She and my brother pet sat. Angel really adores her Auntie, and greets her every time she is the one to come by to drop off or pick up my niece. Or, she will greet her Uncle, just as she always has. Once Hazel got lose at home, and Angel went running after her, and tried to "herd her" back home. Angel can stay off leash or cable and will come back home. Hazel always has to be on a leash or cable.

In conclusion

Despite the loss of my parents dog, Sandy, the Dachshund. My father seems to have gotten closer to Angel. My father will put her on her cable when I am not home. He watches how my dog treats my 10 month old niece, as my niece chases Angel when my niece is in her walker. My niece really likes Angel's dog tags, which she tends to tug on. It's very amusing when Angel licks my niece's face, which my father does not like at all. Angel sure does love her!! Angel sure does love EVERYBODY, and YES, she is part Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which is Pitt.


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