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Raising Pigeons

Updated on April 28, 2016
Photo of French Pigeon House by Pixabay
Photo of French Pigeon House by Pixabay

Why Raise Pigeons

For centuries, people have been raising pigeons for many different reasons. They have been raised by kings as a hobby and as food. Low income people would raise and sale them for income for their households. Another reason they have been raised is for the source of food that pigeons can produce for a very low cost. During times of war, many pigeons have been used as messengers with small notes strapped to their legs.

Young pigeon photo by Pixabay
Young pigeon photo by Pixabay

Pigeons as Food

People have been eating squab for many centuries. Squab is the meat from four-week-old pigeons. They can grow to be over one pound in weight in just a very short time. The adult birds are also eaten in recipes that similarly use chicken. The eggs have been used for cooking and still are in many places. The eggs are small and it takes three pigeon eggs to equal one chicken egg. However, they taste the same as chicken eggs and work just as well in recipes.

Crowned Pigeon photo by Pixabay
Crowned Pigeon photo by Pixabay

Pigeons as a Hobby

Many people find that raising pigeons makes a great hobby. They can spend their time doing this instead of playing video games or watching television. They just find it relaxing and a way to pass the time productively. Many pigeon fanciers raise their birds for shows and to take to fairs. They spend their time producing quality pigeons for others to see and admire. They are easy to raise, so it's a great project for someone who is curious about raising animals but don't have the knowledge to raise something more complicated.

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

Pigeons for Children

Pigeons are great for children to spend time raising. It helps them learn to care for and to partake in life. They can learn how animals are created and how small birds come to life. It is a great learning process that will help them in their future ventures. Due to the calm nature of the pigeon, they can be effective in reaching children with special needs. All children can benefit from raising an animal because they learn to care for something other than themselves. Selling them teaches children about finances, which is important as they grow into adulthood.

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

Pigeons for Income

Pigeons can also be raised as a profitable venture for extra income. They are a simple and very quiet animal to keep. Pigeons can be sold to others for the food or eggs that they produce. The quality show birds can be sold for hundreds of dollars a piece. The fertilizer can also be sold to small farmers for their gardens. These are just a few ways that pigeons can produce income.

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by Pixabay

Pigeon Temperament

One of the best features of pigeons is that they are quieter than most birds. They make a cooing noise when trying to find a mate or defending territory, but it is quiet. This makes them a great bird for raising in the cities where space is limited and neighbors don't appreciate loud animals. They are easily hand-tamed when raised from babies. It's not uncommon to have one that will fly to the owner. Their bite is less powerful than parrots or even parakeets.

Pigeon house or dovecot photo by Pixabay
Pigeon house or dovecot photo by Pixabay

Healthy Pigeons

Pigeons have received a bad reputation mainly from those that are wild. Most of those are birds that people have just abandoned and let go back into the wild. Since pigeons are prolific breeders, they then multiply and become a nuisance. Well-maintained and cared for pigeons are healthy, quiet pets just like any other bird. They are raised with love and care in controlled environments that keep them healthy. These birds are usually spoiled because the owner has a passion for them, and because of the investment of time and money.


Pigeons are a very effective resource for many people because they can produce food and income. They provide a calming effect for those who have emotional problems or who are lead hectic lives. They are easy and inexpensive to raise, making them great birds to raise in town or in the country.

Racing Pigeon Team And View Of New Loft


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