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Benefits of feeding your dog raw food

Updated on October 8, 2008

There are many advantages!


With the recent tainted food scare and with more and more pets diagnosed sick from commercial feeding, it seems pretty convincing that a raw food diet would be the answer to many modern dog ailments.

Commercial dog food was first introduced to bring only two precise benefits: convenience for the dog owner and profits for the multi milion dog food industry. No benefit is really brought out to who should really be the beneficiary: the dog.

This lack of interest has only bought dogs to become weaker and weaker throughout the years.

Have you recently visited a vet's office? Chances are they will be packed of sick, itchy dogs, with dull coats. Never before were dogs so sick. Dogs used to be healthy before our modern livestyles have forced them to rely on bagged commercial kibble that can be compared to our junk food.

All we need to do in order to realize how much junk contents there are, is to simply read a store brand dog food's label.

Grains are the major component of commercial dog food and is usually listed as the first main ingredient. Truth is, grains have no value in dog's nutrition and in nature dogs do not necessitate grains to survive.

Commercial foods use grain as a filler, something to stuff their food with to save money and use a less amount of meat.

When it comes to raw diets, all you are feeding your dog is substance with little waste.

With this said many benefits will come to follow:

Say bye to itching and scratching :Sadly, grains found in commercial dog food are the major cause of food related allergies in dogs. Allergies are one of the most common dog ailments seen at vet offices today.

They are annoying to deal with, require constant medication and can turn out being pretty costly for the owner. Vets may decide to put your dog on several food trials and will recommend expensive allergen free dog foods.

If your dog is itching and scratching you may be delighted in learning that many owners have discovered that allergies have disappeared once the dog was put on a raw diet.

Smile and say cheese! Raw meaty bones provide an excellent opportunity to keep teeth clean. The chewing action scrapes off and prevents tartar build up. Too many dogs end up having to undergo annual dental cleanings even at a young age.

Dental cleanings are done under general anesthesia and can be costly plus they carry a certain amount of risk.

Many owners may not be aware that dental disease can easily spread bacteria to other organs and cause kidney disease which can progress to kidney failure if untreated.

Commercial kibble has too many carbohydrates which is the biggest culprit in tartar build up, while raw bones keep teeth clean, healthy and also provides a fresh breath. After all, if you think of it, wolves have never needed a dental cleaning!

Coat with a healthier glow Raw fed dogs are easily detected because of their luscious fur. Their skin and fur have that particular shine that dogs show after going to the groomers.

Many dogs have also been itching less and hot spots have disappeared. If your dog is an itchy one, a raw diet can be the answer to all those costly creams and medications.

A Poop picker's dream comes true Many raw diet fed dog owners claim that after starting the diet their dog's stools have started smelling better. Another plus is that it seems that the stools become a white ash like powder due to the presence of natural calcium. This should sound great for those with a yard that are tired of picking after their dog's bowel movements!

Stools appear as well to be smaller, indicating that the dog is absorbing more nutrients and producing less waste.

Less trips to the water bowl Look at a kibble fed dog. He/she will eat and first thing look for the water bowl. Dry kibble causes dogs to be excessively thirsty, just as if you ate a big bag of chips. Raw diet dogs receive enough moisture and therefore, they will need less water.

Who said only cats have 9 lives? It appears that raw diet fed dogs live longer and healthier lives when compared to kibble fed dogs. Their immune systems are stronger, they are more active, slimmer and best of all their vet visits are usually restricted to only their annual shots.

It appears that many dog owners are reluctant to start feeding raw food because they are concerned of the bones potential of causing harm. Truth is, many dogs choke on kibble, toys, treats, sticks and any other item you have at home. As with any food or non food item monitoring your pet may be helpful. Raw bones however are less likely to splinter when compared to cooked bones.

Raw food diet is the closest you can get to what the dog used to eat in the wild before being domesticated and exposed to all sorts of additives, preservatives and dyes. Our modern diets have only weakened and shortened men's best friend's life and its capability to thrive.

After all, dogs are carnivores and were meant to eat raw meat and bones. If you are willing to give the raw diet a try you will be happy to retrieve the strong dog of about a century ago and enjoy its company in today's busy life.


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 6 years ago from chennai

      Dogs are a delight and it is true that natural and raw foods are good for those darlings.No chemicals and no preservatives.

    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 6 years ago from USA

      Both. There are different types of raw diets for dogs but they are all good compared to the commercial foods full of fillers, additives, and preservatives. There is the Barf diet which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones,then there are those who feed the ''raw meaty bone'' diet, and those that feed the ''prey model diet'' where whole prey is fed meat and bones. There are several books about how to feed raw and most cities have a slaughtering facility that would give free meat and bones or at a reduced price for pets.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Great hub. What do you mean by raw diet? You mention bones. Do you also mean like raw meat? My dog likes homemade dog treats with a vegetable like carrot or a graham cracker with peanut butter on it. Once in a while she will nibble on a piece of fruit which I find odd. But I don't feed her table scraps. I cannot afford high priced food. She is an itchy gal, but I think it is fleas for which I am treating her. I love your dog hubs.