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Sharks Make Great Pets, what does the media think?

Updated on July 26, 2016

Influences of Media on People Rearing Sharks as Pets


Human-wildlife conflicts are rare, but this is not a new issue especially in the African land. However, Africans have a rich history of dealing with conflict and respecting nature as well. This paper objectively discusses the ecosystem and deducts the experiences that have brought out the shift in human perception on shark species.

There has been a very negative opinion about the shark species. This is linked to the sites that a shark inflicts. Despite this, the threats we impose on the shark species are more deadly and far-reaching than the said shark bites. Therefore, it is important that we positively interact with this vulnerable species before they are subjected to extinction. As a result, there is a big awareness campaign through the media around the globe that is advocating for conservation of the ecosystem and thus striking a balance in our habitats today.

Although the culling programs for sharks are expensive, the idea of going out and killing animals that pose a danger to our lives when we explore water bodies is outdated and shortsighted. Every creature in the ecosystem has a biological role that sustains it at balance. Attempts to eliminate sharks from our water bodies will lead us into problems with the natural ecosystem. This move to re-introduce the creature so that the balance between preys and predators is achieved might be costly.

Human beings are indeed unique above all other creatures in that they survive and procreate in a variety of environments. It is the cultural and biological adaptation that humans have been able to colonize almost every ecosystem on earth.

Exotic shark pet


While recognizing the incredible uniqueness of people, understanding the history of the attitudes towards nature gives us the man –shark relationship history. In America, the shift of mindset that sharks are dangerous animals and adoption of sharks as pets begun with a keen bundle of procedures. Many different species of sharks are kept as pets around the globe, especially in America. Shark breeds that are considered pets are smaller in size and do well in salty water. However, there are also freshwater pet sharks, but these species are rare in the market.

It is true that sharks impose tremendous danger as pets, but this is substantiated if proper care is taken. The main challenge in breeding pet sharks is that they require a large aquarium. These requirements could be expensive for the breeders. This problem calls for a thorough research in the ability to provide the required amenities before implementing the decision to breed one.

The interaction of Sharks and people today

Sharks have never been considered as pets that can be reared in home aquariums. Cultural innovations have allowed the human population to grow at a rate that is unparalleled in any species. This phenomenon has subjected the carrying capacity of our planet into disequilibrium, as the constituents towards equilibrium are inadequate. As a result, human beings have reacted to the problem by undertaking cultural and technology practices that increase the availability of the quoted resources. People get food directly from the natural ecosystem through hunting of wild animals. Ecology views a human being as a species with a paramount role in equilibrium sustenance.


Methods of preventing attacks from sharks

• While wandering along shark infested environs, it is recommended that people should stay in clusters because sharks are likely to attack individuals.

• Sharks feed in the wee hours of the night and early in the morning. It is, therefore, secure to avoid being in water at those hours

• Sharks have keen senses to blood. Bleeding cuts could attract a shark from very far and it is advisable to avoid shark territories when bleeding.

• One should not wear bright or glittering jewels when in the water because it configures you like a shark prey

• Keep off commercial fishing areas or water games because their movements could attract sharks.

• It is also good to avoid excessive splashing while swimming. The movement could mimic that of an injured animal

Although the creature is highly misunderstood, sharks are cool and smart animals and people should acquire the necessary information on how to handle them with care. People interested in keeping sharks as pets should know that sharks are salt water creatures that require a lot of care. Many species are mistaken to be sharks yet they are not. Therefore, the owner should conduct a thorough and careful research on the species of interest. They are massive creatures, and thus accommodation is a crucial issue since some species cannot fit well in a swimming pool.

The best media picks for pet sharks

The best pack of pet sharks should be the smaller species. This is because these species require a smaller aquarium and are also cheaper to maintain.


Wobbegong shark

Wobbegong sharks are the best sharks for a home aquarium. This species is usually ten feet long. It has a slow metabolism and loves sitting at the bottom of the pool. This species is relatively cheap to maintain as it feeds twice a week.


Bamboo shark

There are several sub-species of this shark family. They are mainly found in the Indo-west Pacific Ocean. It 's nice to keep the pet in its confinement because the presence of other fish triggers its appetite. This species gets hungrier than the rest and thus should regularly be fed with fish delicacies. The animal is nocturnal and requires abundant space.


Epaulette shark

It’s an Australian species and very familiar. Confined habitats provide the pet an ideal experience it feels much safe. It also prefers sandy aquariums. The species is the cheapest to maintain since it eats once a week.


Through experience and awareness from various media sources, people are freely embracing sharks as one of the coolest species, and now accepting them as pets. There have been numerous transformations in the wildlife and conservation agencies. These changes have yielded benefits like; the tourism industry, and the shark media. The emergence of the shark tourism industry and shark media has significantly made a difference in shark comics. Shark tourism industry seems lucrative in America. This experience has turned pet sharks into a double-edged investment. It has also contributed to the overall appreciation of the creature. This has generated a particular media awareness program to preserve the entire shark family and even the natural water bodies. Shark media also has an immeasurable contribution to the conservation of the endangered creature. This has been achieved through its extensive weekly television programs that are devoted to sharks. In conclusion, pet shark farming is a productive approach to the conservation of the ecosystem.


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