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Reasons Why A Cat May Vomit

Updated on March 16, 2015

Some cat owners may get alarmed when their cat throws up. They might think that the cat is sick and they might worry about the cat. While there is a chance that the cat could be sick, there are other reasons as to why a cat will vomit. If your cat is vomiting, you may want to know the cause. Here are some of the reasons for vomiting in cats, including sickness.


If a cat eats the same brand of cat food for a long period and the owner buys a different brand of food, the cat may throw up. Sometimes changes in brands might cause an upset stomach for a cat who is not used to eating that particular brand or flavor. Also, even if the cat still eats the same brand of cat food, the company that makes the brand may have changed the formula. There may be a new ingredient or something else that doesn't agree with your cat. This might also cause the cat to vomit. I have had cats who vomited after I switched their brand of cat food.


Some cats might scarf down their food, especially if they are really hungry. Eating too fast may be a reason why a cat throws up its food. If you notice that the vomit has whole pieces of cat food in it, then the food was probably not digested properly and the cat may have swallowed some whole pieces without chewing them.


Some cats may like to eat grass or certain house plants. Even though grass and some plants are not toxic to cats, it may be that the cat can not digest these plants properly and it may cause the cat to vomit. You may want to keep house plants out of the reach of your cat if you notice that it has leaves or plant particles in their vomit.


Sometimes a cat may feel stressed for a lot of different reasons. Some things that may stress a cat out may also make it throw up. Just like humans, stress can do a variety of things to the body. There are some reasons that a cat might be stressed that are not obvious to humans. Here are some reasons why a cat might feel stressed.

•A move to a new location
•Getting a new pet
•A loud noise or something that startles the cat
•Going to the vet
•Traveling in a cat carrier
•Having a new baby in the house
•Visitors in the house, especially if the cat is scared of people


Cats groom themselves with their tongue. Sometimes a hairball may get lodged in their stomach or throat and cause the cat to vomit. If you notice a lot of clumped hair in your cat's vomit, then it is most likely due to a hairball. You may want to brush your cat regularly to get rid of some of the excess hair that accumulates when a cat grooms itself. Also, some long haired cats may get knots or matting in their fur. If the knots are swallowed, it might cause the cat to gag and throw up.


There are times when vomiting may signal that a cat is ill. There are some other signs of sickness in a cat that you might notice. Here are some signs that the cat may be vomiting from an illness.

•Frequent vomiting
•Vomiting blood or bile
•Cat is lethargic and stays in one spot
•The cat hides for a long period of time
•Loss of appetite, the cat stops eating and drinking
•Yellow or green discharge from eyes or nose
•Excessive diarrhea
•Constipation or blocked urine flow, little or no waste in the litter box


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