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Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life

Updated on May 1, 2019

Growing up, I never really had a pet (except a parakeet...does that count?). I wanted a dog but never got one and cats never even crossed my realm of consciousness. Then I moved out, got married and my (now ex) husband had a big, fat, calico cat. He warned me that Hudson probably would never sit on my lap but he might if I had his favorite fleece blanket. About a week went by with me and this cat coexisting in the same four walls without acknowledging each others existence. Then one evening, this 20 pound wonder jumped up on my lap (without his "favorite" blanket), and I was adopted. I was adopted by Hudson and I would never be the same.

Here are reasons you need a cat in your life stat.

1. They are surprisingly low maintenance

I have had cats and birds and by far, cats are easier. They really are fairly low maintenance. Most of us understand the commitment it requires to take care of a dog with walks, baths, regular feeding schedules, etc. Birds come with the whole dirty cage thing, and I promise you, the bird seed (and poop) gets everywhere. Of course with a cat, you will most likely have a litter box, and while there is a little mess and work with that, there's not much else. There will be vet checkups and a few things here and they are so much less maintenance than dogs.

2. They're smart

I currently have a cat (shout-out to Tater!) that I feel can literally read my mind. I swear that he can tell when my intention changes. Needless to say I can't administer medicine of any kind to him. I have tried not making eye contact and acting natural while holding a vile of flea medicine behind my back, but I must give off an “I'm about to put flea medicine on you” pheromone. I know dogs get all the glory about being smart because they can do tricks and have even saved lives, but cats are not slouches by any means. They may even be so smart that they have us fooled.

3. They are always there (even when they're not)

For some reason, even when they have been sleeping in another room for 16-20 hours, their presence can still be felt. It's like their soul is everywhere. It's either that or they have infiltrated your soul. In all seriousness, they really are a lot of company and have such a relaxing presence.

4. They're royalty

Let's face it, who doesn't want to know royalty? Since we most likely won't be invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen or double dating with Price Harry and Meghan anytime soon, might as well do the next best thing. It is believed in certain places, like Ancient Egypt, cats were regarded as royalty. If you've ever own a cat, you know this. If you haven't, this is your chance to be in the presence of greatness and their royal highness.

My 10 year old princess, Sophia.
My 10 year old princess, Sophia.
My 4 year old ball of energy, Tater.
My 4 year old ball of energy, Tater.

5. No two are the same

I've had 5 cats and they all had their own signature quirk that has been truly unique to them. My cat Sophia doesn't like to be picked up at all, but she really is super friendly and loves being around. She also does this thing where she will reach up one paw, it is so cute and i haven't had another cat that has been quite like her. I had another cat a few years ago that was literally like a dog. I could pick this cat up and he loved being loved. You will find that as you have different cats, they truly are so different and will have their own little signature trait that makes each one special.

6. They will keep you humble

Cats make it very clear that they expect to be worshiped (on their terms of course). They usually won't show you too much gratitude because they would never want your head to get too big. There is a saying that a dog sees you and thinks “They feed me and love me, they must me God”. It is also believed a cat sees you and thinks “They feed me and love me, I must be God”. They love you and appreciate you they really do. There will be times that this notion boils up from the warmest place in their soul, but usually they will hide it the best they can.

7. It's like winning the lottery (without the money)

When that chosen cat comes into your life, whether you wanted it or not, you will have a sense that you have just won the mega millions. Of course there is no money attached but being in the presence of such greatness will make you glad to be a poor in dollar but rich in cat.

8. You may not have a choice ;)

Most often, you don't adopt them, they adopt you. Odds are pretty good that if you decide you do want a cat, you won't have to lift a finger. I have had so many cats choose me. In fact, I have never actually gone to a shelter to adopt one. They have either come to live with me after needing a new home or shown up at my doorstep and, in failing to locate the owners, I got a new family member just like that.

Are you convinced?

I hope this light-hearted piece has helped you understand the crazy world of cat people and why we love them so much.

How did you become a cat person? Share your stories below!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jess B


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