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Why should we have Dogs - 7 Reasons

Updated on January 1, 2015

History of Dogs

Did God create Dogs ? Certainly not, Dogs are evolved from our Great Wolves.

Approximately around 20000 BC , men were still afraid of Wolves and there were many stand offs . May be in one such meeting ,humans threw food to the wolves and they found that if the wolves hunger can be kept satisfied , they can tame them. Not all wolves can be tamed , wolves with less aggression were tamed and more were killed. By choosing which to be tamed and not tamed , humans have given birth to a new species that has served human kind since then.

7 Reasons to have a Dog

1. The first and foremost reason would be security , Dogs have incredible sense of detecting a danger. The dogs were always used to alarm humans when they see a threat. They are still used to scare away other predators.

2. The obvious reason : Love, Dogs love being loved, so as human,a perfect match to each other. Love between humans and Dogs is the only inter-species love story that has real connection and lasted this long.

3. Fun : The third reason is to have fun, having a dog is like having a 3 year old kid in home.It roams around house ,always looking for someone to play with, licking everyone ,making a mess of everything.

4. Dogs are intelligent : Dogs are not the very intelligent compared to Wolves, Dolphin , but they are intelligent enough to amuse us. I can tell you one simple thing that my dog did, one day i fed it some cookies and what it did was so cute and amusing. It ate two cookies and there were three remaining , it took one and went to left corner of my house and dig a hole and buried it ,and did the same with other two cookies in two different places. Even they do savings.!

5. Companion for Kids : Dogs are very good companions for kids, they understand the concept that kids are playful and even when kids accidentally hurt them,they don't hurt the kids back.

6: Puppies : There are no one in the world who can hate a puppy , and how do we get them ? from dogs.

7. Hunting : Dogs given with proper training can be used for hunting, which is not the reason nowadays, but surely it was when humans hunted for living. A perfect combination of killing machines to hunting together for food.

In a way , without dogs humans might have not been this successful.

m dog saving food . . lol


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