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Reduce Shedding in Your Dog with the Furminator

Updated on April 2, 2015
Lyla, my VERY fluffy Australian Shepherd mix
Lyla, my VERY fluffy Australian Shepherd mix
Is that a bunny?
Is that a bunny?

Best De-Shedding Tool

Lyla was my very first dog. I picked her out at the local animal control because she was cute, spunky, and full of life. She is a great dog, but I was amazed at how much fur she can shed and still have a full fluffy coat!

So what's a girl to do with a dog that leaves life-size fur bunnies around the house? Scour the internet for something - anything! - to help reduce the shedding, of course. There are supplements, shampoos, and brushes galore. But what would actually work?

I didn't like the idea of giving her a pill or food supplement and I could never find a product with universally good reviews. I tried several shampoos with no noticeable effects and I cannot bathe Lyla too frequently as she is prone to dry skin.

So that leaves brushes. After a lot of reading of reviews I kept coming back to one product: the Furminator. It had great reviews and photos and videos of people removing massive amounts of fur with it. Honestly, I barely believed the photos and videos, but when I found one on-sale I decided to go for it.

First Use and I'm Hooked!

The first time I used it on Lyla, I was surprised by several things.

  1. Her reaction. She hated being brushed with our usual slicker brush, but she didn't seem to mind the Furminator.
  2. The incredible amount of fur! With the very first stroke I could tell that this brush was going to do exactly what it said it would. It was astounding!

That pile of fur is what I removed in the first 20 minutes. Yes, this was a serious de-shedding tool!

And the results have been fabulous! I brush her weekly to drastically reduce the amount of fur floating around in my house. The more fur you are able to remove during brushing, the less fur that will end up on your floors, furniture, and clothing.

Tips for Use

  1. Brush out any tangles/ matting with a slicker brush (or cut out if necessary) before using the Furminator.
  2. Use only on completely dry fur.
  3. Use long, gentle strokes.
  4. Brush weekly for maximum effectiveness.
  5. Brush outside if it's not windy.
  6. Enjoy your Furminated dog!

P.S. They also have the Furminator for cats and small animals!


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