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Remote Dog Shock Collars

Updated on July 27, 2011

Shock collars are a tool not a toy

Remote dog shock collars, or e-collars are a very effective way to stop unwanted behaviors in dogs when used properly. Dogs are truly man's best friend but an unruly dog can be difficult to manage and even be a danger to himself, other dogs, or people. It is often hard to get the attention of a naturally energetic, rambunctious dog. It can be even more difficult to admonish dog mis-behaviors at the exact moment the dog commits them. Dogs cannot associate signals of disapproval very long after the mis-deed occurs. A shock collar allows the owner to give the dog a mild shock right at the moment of the act. The negative feedback of the shock is associated with the misdeed in a direct way - no mixed signals.

Barking dogs never bite - but they can get on your nerves

Today's shock collars are very different from the primitive, but powerful shock collars I was personally familiar with as a bird dog breeder and trainer some decades ago. Modern e-collars have variable stimulation levels so that just enough juice can be dialed-in to produce a mild nick. This is all that's needed to get most dogs' attention. A shock collar is a tool for communication - not punishment. Most models today also feature simple vibration and tone signals, some even have positive/reward and negative/admonishment auditory tones.

A great thing about shock collars is that they can act instantly at a distance, very useful if, for instance, a dog is barreling toward a busy highway some distance away. Depending on the model, collars can have a range of up to a half mile, and most have a range of at least a hundred yards.

E-collars can be effective and humane when used properly

As you can see from the video above, shock collars can be both effective and humane. They work well with dogs that are rambunctious and have difficulty paying attention to their owners. It is wise to never let children play with collars, and never leave the collar on the dog after the training session is over. Above all remember that the shock collar is a training aid, not a form of punishment.


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