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How to Remove Your Pet Hampster from a Sticky Trap

Updated on August 26, 2013


Pet Hamster
Pet Hamster | Source
Rat Trap
Rat Trap

The Humane Way to Remove a Rodent from a Sticky Trap

If you are like most people, you do not like rodents of any sort in your home. Specially a Hugh rat! Even most animal lovers would not want a mouse or a rat in there home. There are a number of traps you can buy designed to capture and release rodents. Unfortunately they do not always work.

Sticky traps work but have there drawl backs. One drawl back is your children’s pet hamster might get out if he is not already and get on the sticky trap. How are you going to explain that one? Woops!

You might feel sorry for the little critter. Just cannot stop thinking about that poor little critter you just tossed in the garbage can. Finally, the guilt overwhelms you and you pick the lid up off the garbage can. You reach down to rescue the little critter only to get stuck to the sticky trap yourself.

To avoid all this drama you need to take some simple steps to ensure your safety and your captured friends’ safety.

Put some kitchen gloves on. The kind you use to do dishes. If you do not have, gloves put some vegetable oil on your hands. This will prevent your hands from sticking to the trap.

Pick up the rodent or your pet hamster gently lower the trap in a closeable container.

Then coat the rodent with vegetable oil. Try not to get the vegetable oil in the eyes and nose.

Place the lid on the container. Preferably, with a see though lid.

Drive a mile to a wooded area or to an abandon house.

Find a close place for the rodent to make his escape.

Bye this time the rodent should be free from the glue in the trap. If not use a stick or use your gloves to encourage him to leave the trap. If the rodent is still stuck use a little more oil on him pull him very gently away from the trap.

Tell your story of how this article saved your butt from a lot of grief from your childrens hamster stuck to the sticky trap.


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    • tamron profile image

      tamron 4 years ago

      Use a little "Dawn" dish soap then rinse your hamster with warm water. Repeat if necessary! Towel dry and your done. Your hamster will clean and dry himself.

    • profile image

      Stacy Rendon 4 years ago

      omg this article worked wonders we got my poor baby brothers hamster out of the glue trap. but i do have a question.. HOW DO WE WASH HIM AFTERWARDS HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Roy Mudau 6 years ago

      hi readers, i should say 'NO' to this kind of things to us rat lovers, by the way i own a white Albino named 'splinter' luv him lots