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Removing that Annoying Tick

Updated on October 14, 2015
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 10 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

A while ago, my precious friend and dachshund was infested by a very small, yet hard to get rid of tick. The frustrating part was, no matter what I tried, this particular small tick would not get off of my dog.

First, I used the most common method known in Oklahoma called "burning it off" with a match. The tick did not cooperate. I was unable to pull this tick off with tweezers after touching the small tick with the blown out hot end of the match. My dachshund did not care for this method. I do believe my dog and I both were disappointed by this not working on this particular annoying tick.

Second, I tried applying hot wax from a candle with the use of a Q-Tip on the tick, and then attempted to pull off this hard to get rid of tick with tweezers. This method did not work either.

Third, I tried the method of squeezing its body with the tweezers until it opens its mouth, and then yank the tick off. This had been successful for me with large ticks. If you are squeamish about touching insects, I do not recommend this alternative. This small determined to stay on my dachshund tick would not cooperate even with blood spouting from its body. Very gross, disgusting, and this was my last resort. This very small tick refused to cooperate with me; would not get off my dog. This hardy Oklahoman tick would not die.

We finally asked a friend we had not asked (all others said to do the "burn off" method) and our friend asked, "Have you tried putting dish soap on the tick and letting the dish soap dry? Two applications should force the tick to drop off the dog. The dish soap won't harm Fritz." My husband and I looked at this friend surprised. We admitted we had not tried this more humane method and gratefully thanked our friend for his sensible advice. Boy, did we feel guilty and ignorant about not knowing The Dish Soap Method for getting rid of a tick off of an animal.

I waited zero time applying the dish soap we used to wash our dishes on the very small tick that was still on Fritz. I was very liberal about applying the first amount (two drops) on top of the tick. I waited till the dish soap dried before applying two more drops on that hard to get rid of tick. Then I waited to see if this annoying tick would leave our dear pet.

At first nothing seemed to happen, as if the tick was laughing at me for even trying to use dish soap to smother him off; remained adhered to my dog's sensitive under belly area. Within 24 hours, however, the tick was gone, had died plus fallen off naturally, and a healthy scab was where the tick had been. My husband and I were ecstatic. We could tell Fritz felt better too about the tick leaving his body. Our dachshund obviously was happier, tail up and ready to play.

When the scab fell off a week later, there was no scar, no sign that the very small tick had been on my beloved dog. I was relieved and a believer in the Dish Soap Method for Tick Removal. Our friend was right; it was the easiest way to remove ticks from dogs.

Since removing that very small tick, six others of assorted sizes have tried to stay on our beloved pet, but the dish soap has continued to rescue my dog from having any size ticks on his body. Our dachshund is the happiest of all to be tick free. Hooray for dish soap!


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