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Rescues, pet-friendly venues, and creative fundraising events raise awareness for needed pet adoptions

Updated on July 18, 2016
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I have created a new career for myself in retirement as an animal advocate. I write articles to create awareness of shelter pets.

"Yappy Hour" partnerships create successful adoption and fundraising for animals

Communities around the country are stepping up to save more animals from shelters with creative partnerships formed with organizations that benefit the health and well-being of pets, pet-friendly venues that host fundraising events, and rescues that are successful in finding homes for needy animals. The community of Bradenton, Florida is a wonderful example of a community that is on the move to save more animals with its partnerships between The Animal Network, Inc. and rescues that participate each month in "Yappy Hour" that is hosted by Motorworks Brewing, a popular bar and restaurant that is a valued pet-friendly venue. "Yappy Hour" is held every third Sunday at Motorworks Brewing on 9th Street in Bradenton. A valued partnership with Dawg Phonics, a local dog training center owned by Trisha Antonelli, is also part of the event each third Sunday of every month. Adoptable puppies from a chosen rescue, raffle prizes, and a silent auction are all features that make this monthly event highly effective in helping people help animals. Gift baskets for the raffle prizes are provided by featured partners. The Animal Network, Inc. is one of the beneficiaries of the money that is raised.

The recent "Yappy Hour" on July 17 was successful in raising a total of $1465 for helping the animals. Royal Rescue was the featured rescue this month with successful adoption of 11 puppies and the possibility of a 12th adoption later this coming week. Royal Rescue is a locally owned 501(c) 3 non-profit rescue that rescues animals in the Bradenton-Sarasota area and around Manatee County, Fl. Royal Rescue is a valued partner with the Manatee County Animal Services county shelter in Palmetto, Fl. Each animal that is adopted from the rescue allows the organization to pull another deserving animal from the county shelter in order to find a forever home. This partnership between all rescues and county shelters is a model for other communities to follow.

Adoptable puppies at "Yappy Hour"

Adorable adoptable puppies at "Yappy Hour"
Adorable adoptable puppies at "Yappy Hour"
Gift baskets are provided each month for raffles at "Yappy Hour"
Gift baskets are provided each month for raffles at "Yappy Hour"

The partnership with Animal Network, Inc.

The Animal Network, Inc. is a sponsor of "Yappy Hour" each month to benefit a chosen rescue. The mission of this organization is to help people help animals. Animal Network, Inc. uses funds to provide medical care for animals and is instrumental in helping shelter animals in the Manatee County Animal Services county shelter get heartworm treatment when adopted from the shelter. The successful monthly fundraiser with "Yappy Hour" enables the organization to share 50/50 funds with the featured rescue in order to provide heartworm treatment/prevention for shelter animals.

Animal Network, Inc. valued partner for community animals

Animal Network, Inc. and gift baskets to be raffled at "Yappy Hour"
Animal Network, Inc. and gift baskets to be raffled at "Yappy Hour"
Axel at "Yappy Hour"
Axel at "Yappy Hour"

Axel has star power when he attends "Yappy Hour"

Axel is the beloved dog that was adopted by Trisha Antonelli, owner and trainer at Dawg Phonics in Bradenton. He is also her working partner. Axel's story is one of a successful rescue in 2012 when he was found wandering in Bradenton with a terrible injury by someone who had hit him with an ax. An officer from animal control brought him to Beach Veterinary Clinic and surgery was performed to save his life. Axel was later fostered and now has his forever home and a purpose in life with Dawg Phonics. He enjoys participating in "Yappy Hour" with his mom.

Community support for rescue and saving the lives of shelter pets

How does your community support rescues and shelter pets?

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Nobody's pets are everybody's pets

Rescue pets and shelter pets are highly adoptable. Bradenton, Florida and Manatee County residents are on the move to meet the goal of saving as many lives as they can with events like "Yappy Hour" to raise awareness for the concept of Adopt, Don't Shop. Save rates each month range from 88% to the low 90's in percentage that ranks well with the No Kill status for shelters and rescues around the country. Manatee County is proud of ongoing efforts to improve the save rates for shelter animals and the county would like to serve as a model for communities around the country with shared stories of success. My personal involvement with this shelter came about in an unusual way and has raised my own awareness of the need to save shelter animals.

Find your next family member at a rescue or shelter

The Bradenton-Sarasota area has a unique opportunity to participate in saving shelter and rescue pets. The population of the area increases during what is known as "season" when residents known as "snow birds" come to live for the cold winter months. Manatee County would like to encourage these seasonal residents to visit the shelter's website to view professional photographs of adoptable pets. Seasonal residents also serve as volunteers when in residence in the area for the months of October-April. "Snow birds" who are currently out of the area for the summer have the opportunity share this information with friends and family.


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    • profile image

      Dail Weinberger 16 months ago

      Great article and great pictures...thank you Cindy!

    • profile image

      Debara Mathews 17 months ago

      What a wonderful story, thank you for being a vital part of getting the word out and saving more lives, Now we need to get people to volunteer!