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Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight

Updated on September 20, 2011

Stay Safe with a Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight

If you walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening, having a retractable dog leash with a flashlight could make the process easier and safer too.

These leashes work best with small to medium sized dogs or with well behaved larger dogs. They keep your pet out of yards, away from other aggressive animals, out of traffic, and prevent them from potentially getting lost. The light allows you to see where you're going and can even provide additional safety by allowing passing traffic to spot you more easily.

Learn more about your options for getting a retractable dog leash with light on this page.

The Advantages

Retractable dog leashes allow your dog much more freedom while keeping them safe at the same time. Traditional leashes don't allow you dog much space to explore. A longer leash becomes unweildy and makes it difficult to keep control of your dog to avoid catastrophes although they allow your dog to get more exercise. Retractable dog leashes are the perfect solution, giving your dog more leash from which to roam and yet easy control with a stop/lock button.

Of course many of us walk our dogs early in the morning or late in the evening. Having a flashlight improves safety by lighting the path ahead and/or your footing. Carrying a separate flashlight can be a challenge, but a retractable dog leash with flashlight keeps you from tying up another hand and gives you single hand control of both your dog and the light.

Buying Tips

There are two primary choices for anyone who wants a retractable dog leash with a light. The first option is a combined leash and light. When selecting these you simply need to consider:

  • Leash Length
    Retractable dog leashes come in variety of lengths. Some are only 10 feet long and others may extend to 26 feet or so. Longer leashes allow you to shorten them when in crowded areas but also allow you to extend them to their full length allowing exploration when in more sparsely populated areas.
  • The Size of Your Dog
    Retractable leashes are made for small, medium, and large sized dogs. You want to be sure the one you choose can handle your particular dog. If the cord strength or the stopper isn't strong enough, a large dog will be very difficult to control with this type of leash. Many retractable leashes for dogs use a cord which can be quite strong. However, others use a belt which can resist tangling while still providing good strength.
  • The Stopper
    The stopper is what allows you to gain control of a dog that is advancing away from you. Clearly any retractable dog leash needs a stopper that is easy and quick to operate with one hand. It also needs adquate braking action. Trying out the leash before buying is a good idea.
  • Comfort and Ease of Use
    A good leash should fit comfortably in your hand. Rubberized handles can be nice for assuring not only comfort, but a good grip as well. It should provide a secure latch for easily attaching to a dog collar. Any retractable dog leash with a flashlight should have a control for the light near the handle grip so that operation is quick and easy.
  • The Light
    The light on a these leashes may make use of a small bulb or LED lights. LED lights are longer lived but other bulbs can be easier to replace. Some of these leashes have only a single light others have two or more. Clearly, more lights provide more illumination and greater safety.
  • Other Features
    Some leashes also feature a storage area on the handle for clean-up bags, keys, and other small objects you many need to carry with you. This is useful for keeping one of your hands free.

Another Option

If you already have a leash that you like, then there are flashlight attachments that you can buy to add to your existing leash. The model on this page, the Fletch Light, fits well on the popular Flexi line of retractable dog leashes. It will fit on the Flexi Classic, Comfort, Standard and Mini lines as well as many other brands of leashes.

This retractable dog leash flashlight provides two lights. One will light the path ahead of you to allow you to see where you're going, while the other lights the path at your feet so that you can see what you're stepping on at any time. We've included just a few of the available Flexi retractable leashes here for your convenience.


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    • bassfishingguide profile image

      bassfishingguide 7 years ago from Somewhere in the US

      You know I have been using retractable leashes for my dog for five years now, and I didn't have a clue they come with light. That is so cool! Specially where I live because in our development we have a lot of preserved areas, and we have had encounters with coyotes and even bears. Sometimes when I have to take my dog out, usually is my husband the one who does it, I freak out just to think that we can come accross one of those creatures and don't realize it until it's too late. Great job! thank you for bringing some light :-)

    • grannygoodearth profile image

      grannygoodearth 8 years ago from Midwest

      This was a very informative and persuasive article as I have always avoided this kind of leash. I have an 80 pound hunting dog and let's just say, if he wanted to play tug of war, he would win! However, he doesn't pull since he is now an older gentleman and so I would consider using trying this kind of leash. Thanks for the info!

    • JustBon profile image

      Bonnie 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      These sound like a really great idea. I don't have a dog, but as a driver anything that brings added safety is a must.