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Review of "Aunt Beatrice's Maine Coon Cat in Legacy of the Skull Master

Updated on February 8, 2016

Maine Coon Cat

This is "Gertrude" the Maine Coon Cat in the Legacy of the Skull Master by SM Rodgers. All Right Reserved under Legacy of the Skull Master.
This is "Gertrude" the Maine Coon Cat in the Legacy of the Skull Master by SM Rodgers. All Right Reserved under Legacy of the Skull Master.

Review of Character in Legacy of the Skull Master.

This is one of the characters in Legacy of the Skull Master that you will get to know in this review. If you like cat stories and adventure too, then you would like this book. In reality this cat was a rescue kitty. She is now almost 14 years old. She was a kitten that had been mistreated and then adopted. She is uniquely different. When I first met her ,then she was very shy and would hide a lot under the bed and around the corner, then she would slip out and peak out you. After several months of love and caring, then this cat would actually begin to interact more. She use to walk up and down on my tummy at night to make sure I was breathing all right and that was important to her for some reason.

She has developed over the past year some strange behaviors. At night when everyone is sleeping she appears to be trying to communicate to someone or something. I never heard a cat do it before, but this one will be verbally speaking out the word "hello" like she is talking to someone or something. It seems kind of strange and a little bit creepy. Most of the time she just purrs, but that is what she does in the middle of the night. That is a possible indicator to me that she may be seeing a ghost or spirit. You ask I am sure why I say that, but every since my son died in a train accident I feel his spirit comes into my house. He use to stay in the back room of the house, and that is where she stays now. We have strange events that take place in this house like televisions that turn on, and doors that were closed are opened. Just little things like that. Yes I do believe in the spiritual world, because I have had the encounters and visually saw one before like an apparition walking through a room. So it is possible that the cat is seeing what I do not see. That is the strange things around my house. I call it just a normal day around my house.

Now let us look at her character in the book.  "Gertrude" is her character name, and Salem is her adopted name we gave her. Most of the time she is called Ki Ki. Gertrude in the book is a spoiled and highly cared about cat. "Gertrude" gets what every she wants from "Aunt Beatrice".  She is the cat of Aunt Beatrice. Aunt Beatrice is the relative of my main character named Raymond Mott. Raymond has to stop everything and run to his aunt's house to take her finicky cat to the vets office. Along the way Gertrude is minding her own business sitting in the car, when she runs into another character called "Blue the Bloodhound".  "Blue" and "Gertrude"  get to share a little time at the vets office only after a frolic of dog and cat chase up a tree. Of course in the book, the fire department has to come and get her out of the tree. This is but one animal experience found in the book.

Legacy of the Skull Master is filled with animals to get to know along with mysteries and interactions of the whole community, and it is done all in the fun of getting kids to read. The author known as SM Rodgers, myself, gets everyone involved in the mystery and hopes that reading will be fun, and children will be helped in the end by people that care in the community of Gator Glen. Gator Glen is reflective of every community in the USA. Be sure to read the book. I think you will love it. You can go to and review SM Rodgers book. This book can be downloaded to your computer to read. Hopefully one day it will be on downloadable on "Kindle".


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