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Brighton Dog Beach Melbourne - A safe, fenced, offlead area for your dogs

Updated on February 22, 2013

The incredibly diverse nature of things to do on doggie beach in Brighton, Melbourne (Australia) makes it perfect for everyone! Doggie beach is a perfect off-lead area for dogs, with bushes to explore, sand to run on, water to swim in and many friends to be made. Socialization with other dogs is incredibly important. Dog beach provides that opportunity.

The area is fully fenced in, and very secure. However, smaller dogs may be able to fit through the gaps at the gate if they really wanted to.

Dog beach is large, but the exact size depends on the tide. When the tide is out, seaweed is visible, another novelty for your dog. Riley (pictured) LOVES sniffing seaweed.

Because of the tide, the other dogs and the weather, every trip to doggie beach is different.

And best of all, it's free!

The smelliest bin in Melbourne?
The smelliest bin in Melbourne?

Walk in one of three gates, taking care to shut it behind you, and a new world awaits.

You'll see some complimentary doggie bags (please do take one, it makes it nicer for everyone), next to a rubbish bin.


There are bushes for adventurous pups (and owners) that create twisting pathways through the bushes and trees. These go up and down the small hills. As well as having plenty of interesting scents, this area of doggie beach is especially great for curious and inquisitive dogs who like exploring.


Away from the bushes and grass is pure sand. This sandy area is brilliant for dogs that like running but don't often get the chance due to being stuck on their lead and slowed by you. A tennis ball might be a fun game for you and your dog to play, but don't be surprised if some other dogs decide to join in the game too! This is there the best views are, because when you get to the tip of doggie beach (think of it as like a triangle), you get an amazing view. You are nearly surrounded by water, and behind you is golden sand where your dog is playing with some new friends.


The water is okay to swim in, and many dogs, especially in summer, have a lovely time frolicking in the shallows. I've seen some owners go in too, and swim with their dogs!

Other times dogs will happily run with other dogs through the water.


One of the downsides of doggie beach is rubbish. As the tide moves, rubbish is pushed onto the shore. This is then accessible by your dog. If your dog enjoys eating everything in sight, they may ingest some rubbish. However, the more likely scenario is that your dog will be so excited by the sights, smells and other dogs they won't even think of the rubbish. If they do sniff or chew at some rubbish though, it's not the end of the world. I have never seen any dangerous rubbish, and if I did I would pick it up, as I know many others would.

Dog Poo

Another downside is poop. Many dogs enjoy doggie beach and have responsible owners that pick up their poop. Unfortunately, some people either choose to not pick up after their dogs, or have dogs that run off to another part of the beach to do poo, and as a result the owner does not know about it.


Doggie beach has rules, which can be read on signs at all three entrances. The rules are:

-dog owners must carry a leash, which will be used to restrain the dog if it is behaving in a threatening manner

-dog owners must maintain control over their dog, through use of either verbal commands or hand gestures

-dog owners must not allow their dog to worry or hurt any person or animal

-poop must be picked up immediately

The sign also contains a reminder that all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months must be registered with their local council, and failure to do this can result in a fine up to $500.

When To Go?

The best time to go truly depends on what you want your experience of doggie beach to be like. Weekends are always very busy at doggie beach, and are a fantastic time for puppies to become socialized. Many dog owners are friendly, and by going at a busy time you will always have someone to chat to if you wish... think of it as like a group of parents at a kindergarten or playground while kids run amok. Except it's better, because there are more introduction questions to be asked, like “What breed is it?” and "Boy or girl?"

Be aware that busy times at doggie beach can be a little bit stressful, especially if you have poor control over your dog. I would recommend new dog owners to start off at a less crowded time until they get the hang of it.

Weekdays are less crowded, especially around midday or early in the morning. This is better for a more relaxing time, and for dogs who would prefer to explore than socialise.

New Dog Owners

Many new dog owners are uneasy with dogs playing because at times it can look very rough. As anyone who's seen sibling puppies playing can tell you, it's normal! Dogs play by chasing each other and jumping on each other. If the dog is growling or trying to bite your dog, that is not friendly, but most other times everything is fine and your dog will be enjoying themselves immensely.

A Video of Puppies Playing (semi) Roughly

What To Wear?

When going to doggie beach, think practical. Sturdy shoes such as runners are best, but make sure you are not wearing any shoes too special, because you might step in something. Wear long pants that are easy to wash, because some dogs may rest their paws on your leg. This doesn't happen much, and the dog is just being friendly, but wearing long pants stops them from accidentally scratching you.

I would recommend not wearing thongs.

Location of Doggie Beach

Doggie beach is where the triangle jutting out to sea is. It truly is a brilliant beach, and I recommend anybody in Melbourne with a dog to try it out.

If you don't live near Melbourne, why not try to find out information about a dog beach near you? There are many dog-friendly beaches around.


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    • brightonandhove profile image

      brightonandhove 6 years ago from Brighton, England

      Ahh! cute dogs always make for good hubs;-)

    • profile image

      Bill Smith 6 years ago

      that Riley is a very cute dog. Brighton looks like a great place to live near if you owned a dog. thanks for the intersting hub

    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Looks like a park Marley could completely terrorize. I'm sure Riley would never do that--being completely trained and obedient and all...hmmmm?

      The SpoiltLab puppies are wonderful. Here is a photo of how human puppies and dog puppies play. =:)