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Safe Way to Keep Ants Out

Updated on May 12, 2012
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 10 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

In the summer of 2009, I combated a horde of ants (mostly the red ones) from invading my home and trying to dine on my dachshund's food. That year was the worst ant invasion. I felt at war with those ants. Nothing seemed to stop them: until I remembered from my childhood a safe, chemical free and effective method of keeping the ants out of my home and pet's food.

This safe and chemical free method requires salt (granulated or rock salt) and at least one container of it. I purchased and used the cheapest salt I could buy. It doesn't matter what brand or whether it is iodized or not, salt is salt to ants.

Where I place my dachshund's food dish, we have a very small rug to catch his food messes. Dachshunds are not particularly messy in their dining habits, but some crumbs are left behind next to the food dish. Around the edge of the rug, I placed a 1/4 inch line of salt. Then to make completely certain those pesky ants stayed out of my pet's food, I placed a 1/4 inch line of salt all the way around his food bowl. I did the same for my dachshund's water bowl, located on the very small rug to the left of his food bowl. Ants seem to gravitate toward water bowls too. I have seen ants try to swim in them, very gross!

Yes, this method worked! Huzzah! This saved Fritz, my dachshund, from receiving ant bites while eating. The best thing about doing this salt barrier method is if the dog licks the salt, he will not become ill or ingest harmful chemicals. This alternative for keeping ants away kept my dog in the peak of health.

I further strategically placed 1/4 inch salt lines where I noticed these determined ants tried to enter my home. It looks odd having the salt lines at the base of walls, but it does keep those ornery red ants from invading my home without worrying about Fritz breathing or being in contact of pesticides. Salt usage gifted us a safe, ant-free and happier home.

This ant horde experience in 2009, gave me a better understanding of why salt was extremely valuable in the ancient days. They knew the advantages of having salt as an ant deterrent as well as something that preserves plus seasons food. Thank goodness my grandfather taught me how to keep my home and dog's dining area free from ants. Old fashioned methods are effective!

Since being victorious over the ant horde of 2009, I continue to practice the anti-ant salt barrier method. The minute winter ends, annually I continue to place the salt strategically to avoid ant invasions. Fritz is completely used to the salt lines, does not bother them. He only attempted to lick them once in 2009. The look on his face was priceless. Dogs, like humans, like salt up to a point.

Another advantage to this particular salt usage is it seems to keep other insects out as well. My home today is bug free. I find this a great benefit. Cheers for salt!


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