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Saving Pandas and other animals are important, it does affect the whole eco system.

Updated on August 23, 2012

People don't understand, it takes a genius to figure it out.

Most people don't understand the whole concept of living and co-existing with

the habitants of Mother Earth, including the animals that live amongst the wild.

People don't take into consideration of erradicating Panda's, Wolves, Tigers,

and many other animals, how it does matter.

With some animals like Panda's, (and yes I know this sounds gross) but the

droppings from the Panda's help to fertilze the vegetation in it's environment.

The vegetation then grows and flourish and believe it or not, there are people

in today's and age, that live on just basic means in villages, in countries,

and have co-existed for so long, that to destroy more panda's the whole

eco system would be damaged and it would in turn cause a bigger

devastation to the whole planet.

In American alone, Wolves are becoming extinct, due to the sheer

fact that people think that we have every right to kill them and take

over all the land and just keep taking, and just pushing wolves,

on the close verge of extinction.

When does this stop?

Do we end up destroying all of mother nature,

until we posion all of mother earth?

We were blessed, when we brought into this world,

and to keep taking and taking, everything will just end.

The earth no longer will exist, unless we all step up

to plate to attain more knowledge and change our

ways of thinking.


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