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Selecting a Ferret Cage

Updated on August 31, 2014

Ferret Cage 101

Ferrets are amazing pets but they do require special care compared to some animals and owners (and potential owners) need to know what they're getting into.

Ferrets are very active and need larger cages than some other animals in order to be get the exercise they need and to be happy and comfortable.

Small, cheap pet store cages are poor choices for ferrets. While they can be expensive, a Ferret Nation cage or similar model is by far the best choice for ferret owners.

Best Ferret Cages to Buy

Ferret Nation Habitat / Cage, Double Unit
Ferret Nation Habitat / Cage, Double Unit

The Ferret Nation double level cage is one of the most popular cages among ferret owners, getting rave reviews due to its durable construction and ease of cleaning.


What to Look for in a Ferret Cage

Too many people focus only on price when shopping for a pet cage, when in fact that often should be the last consideration.

Durability and design should be front and foremost. A cheap cage that you have to replace every year will actually be more expensive in the long run than a cage such as a Ferret Nation, Prevue Hendryx, or a Martin's Cage, which can last for many years with proper care.

Design is also very important. Stick to ferret cages from manufacturers who focus on design elements unique to ferrets, such as the manufacturers listed above.

Ferrets need plenty of room and cages need to be designed with flexibility in mind, as far as being easy to hang hammocks and to add play toys and areas to sleep and relax in.

What is Your Favorite Pet?

What is Your Favorite Pet?

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What to Expect to Spend

Your cost for a quality ferret cage will depend on how many ferrets you have -- or plan to have in the future.

If you have a single ferret, you'll be able to buy a new Ferret Nation single level cage (or similar model from other manufacturers) for about $125-$150 from online retailers such as Amazon or Wayfair.

The single level units will comfortably fit 1-2 ferrets; if you have more ferrets than that you'll need to step up to a double level cage.

Double level cages usually range from $225-$275 and can hold 3-5 ferrets, although the nature of your particular ferrets ma change how many can be kept together in the same cage.

Double level cages also let you separate the two main living areas if you need to -- essentially giving you two separate single level cages, and often include add-on units that attach on top that can let you expand to three levels.


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