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Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Updated on August 30, 2009

The only downside to owning a cat, is owning their cat poo, as well. Blech. Granted, cat poo cleaning has gotten worlds easier over the last decade, but it's never going to be a favorite hobby of anyone. (At least, I assume it won't.) Cat litter itself has really progressed; I can remember when clumping cat litter was new and exciting -- now we've got cat litter crystals! And while cat litter crystals are pretty fabulous, but you've still got to clean the kitty treasure out, so it's not quite perfect. Unless you've got a self-cleaning litter box, that is! And boy have they come a long way. Technology is definitely on the side of the cat owner these days. Have a look at the following self-cleaning cat boxes.

Omega Self Cleaning Litter

Omega makes a very popular self cleaning litter box, and it's probably the most affordable version that actually works. It works like this: you roll the litter over until the top touches the floor, and then you roll it back. Once poo falls down into the tray, you remove and dispose of it. This is excellent for getting a handle on cat litter dust and prevents stinky poos from wafting through the entire house. It's big enough for those who have more than once cat. Works with clumping cat litter only.

Scoop Free Ultra Cat Box

If you want a complete hands-free litter box, this will do the job. The Scoop Free self cleaning litter box comes with pre-filled Fresh Step crystals. Kitty pops into the box to do his business. 20 minutes after kitty pops back out, the box rakes the litter and removes any kitty poo. All you have to do is replace the litter tray every 3 weeks. Never smell, touch or see kitty poo poo again. Can you say awesome? And it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Litter Robot

The Litter Robot looks like it belongs in the Battlestar Galactica, doesn't it? It's certainly the most futuristic looking self cleaning litter box I've ever seen! Yes, it's a bit expensive but if you read the reviews on you will see that load of people (most people, in fact) have given it 5 stars and a glowing recommendation. Kitty goes poo and 7 minutes later the machine starts to clean. Clumped litter is sifted into the used litter tray. No rakes, no wires, nothing to break! Easy to clean, you can line the tray with any trash bag and you can use any brand of clumping litter. Just plug in and that's it! One and a half year warranty.


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