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Sharing cats who are on 'death row'

Updated on December 26, 2015

For almost every night now, for over a year, I've been sharing, and trying to save the cats on 'death row', otherwise known as kill-shelters.

I'm not the only one who shares these cats, there is a core group of dedicated people doing the same as I am, and it restores your faith in humanity.

I found these cats by accident, on Twitter, and every since then I've tried to share them, both to try and save their lives, and, to try and raise awareness about these cats to other people...because, a lot of people don't know, like I didn't know.

Raising awareness has defintley worked, giving the tweets I've had about these cats. Some people don't know, and are happy to share the cats, to try and save them too. Others, end up wanting to turn away, they don't want to know - yet, turning away is fine, it shields you from the reality, but, it doesn't stop that reality of cats being killed in kill-shelters every night.

But, by far the worse is the abuse you get. Often you get called everything, unpleasant. Because they think you're the ones killing cats - instead of actually looking at the link you post along with the Tweet, stating that you're actually trying to save the cats, from a kill-shelter.

The abuse doesn't bother me like it did, it has largely died down though. But, for a while, there was many times that I almost gave up on sharing these cats, because the abuse was too hard to handle. I didn't want to do that though. I didn't want to give up on these cats, like other humans have, on them.

I don't want to be one of those people who doesn't try to help animals (or people) in need. When I see the cats faces, and how neglected, lonely, and sometimes completely I'll looking, it doesn't make me want to turn away, and pretend it doesn't exist. It does quite the opposite; it makes me want to help these cats and kittens even more so.

For me, I think the cats which tug on my heart strings the most, are the ones who are; I'll, blind, or look down. They are the ones you want to hug, and look after. They are the ones who motivate me even more so, probably because they are even more helpless.

But, all of these cats are helpless in one way or another. They are abandoned, neglected, and need people in their corner. They don't need people looking away, pretending they aren't there.

We don't solve the worlds problems by turning a blind eye to them, when we turn a blind eye to them, we are being part of the problem.

It's really simple to help a cat on death row:

. Share/RT them on social media

. Donate to save them

. Or, adopt, and give a pet a furever home!

Do you help share cats on death row?

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There are different kill-shelters around the US. There is even some in Australia. How extensive they are, I'm not quite sure.

But, the ones in the US hold; cats, dogs, and rabbits. At least for cats, and dogs there are groups set up to help save them. Today, I learned that rabbits were also euthanized in the same manner as cats, in the same kill-shelters, yet, poor rabbits don't seem to have a dedicated group helping them, why? I'm not sure.

The shelter only seems to publish the urgent list (which is a list of cats/dogs/rabbits to be euthanized the next day) to these groups, so, it's difficult to find out which rabbits are on the urgent list.

You can help with saving cats, and dogs of death row, them on social media, donating to save them, or, adopting and giving a pet a forever loving home!

You can find the cats at groups such as 'Urgent PODR'.

Too many, if not most people pass these cats by, please don't be one of them, and help save them! Xx


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