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Should I Microchip?

Updated on May 1, 2013


Over the past few years, advancing technology has made the world a better place for you and your dog. Medical advancements, specialized food, neat toys and different types of involvement have all combined together to allow you and your dog to enjoy each other. Technology is also making it safer for a lost dog. The microchip is an excellent invention for ensuring your dog comes home as soon as possible.

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a miniature transponder – a radio-frequency identifier (RFID). It is only the size of a raw, single grain of rice. This miniscule piece of electronic equipment remains permanently under the skin of your dog. A scanner reads it, recording the number of the specific implanted microchip. The reader now knows who is the manufacturer allowing further follow-up for identification purposes possible.

How It Works

Arranging to microchip your canine companion is easy. Talk to a vet, a clinic or shelter about it. Once you arrange for it, the process is actually a simple and completely harmless one, requiring no anaesthetic.

·        Your vet will register the specific number on a form

·        He then implants the microchip under the skin using a syringe.

·        A trial scan follows to ensure the microchip is in place, working and registering the correct ID number

·        The owner then fills in the appropriate forms. This immediately will enroll the canine and owner in a specific program

·        The paperwork will request pertinent information. This includes name of the canine and owner, phone numbers, dog’s veterinarian and a description of the dog

·        This data is then sent off to the specific company

What Are the Advantages of a Microchip?

A dog can easily lose its collar running outside. He or she may even escape the house or yard wearing neither collar nor identifying tags. A license, veterinarian tag or other recognizable forms of identification may come loose, become caught or be removed by an unscrupulous person. Even a tattoo may fade or become concealed by hair.

None of these factors can affect a microchip. No matter what the weather, the length of the dog’s hair, or whether he or she possesses a collar or any visible form of ID will have an impact on a microchip. It resides permanently just below the surface of the skin. It is forever ready to supply someone with a scanner the information capable of getting him or her back to the rightful owner.

If your dog ends up in shelter, the microchip can quickly provide the right data. As a result:

·        Your dog will not become lost in the shelter’s paper systems

·        Your dog cannot mistakenly be adopted out

·        Prevents euthanization

·        Reduces possible charges from overnight or lengthier stays

As more and more animal shelters, humane societies and protection agencies adopt microchipping as a standard practice, the chances of a dog being lost for good decrease.


Microchipping is a positive way to help keep your faithful friend safe. It is easy to obtain. It is not too expensive. In fact, some dog license suppliers provide a discount for microchipped pets. It does not hurt your canine in the implant stage or for as long as he or she lives. Best of all, a microchip is a simple and effective way to ensure your dog returns to wherever he or she really belongs.


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