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Should You Pick Up Your Neighbor's Dog Poop?

Updated on June 22, 2010

Clean Up After Your Dog

Dog poop is often a sore subject with my neighbors that do not have dogs. While I have to agree with them that finding a brown turd on your lawn is a unpleasant experience -- especially when it is not your dog's mess -- I am not responsible for cleaning after the other owner's dog.

However, after much thought, I would like to propose a question to my fellow Hubbers -- and please comment below if you agree or disagree with me:

Should dog owners clean up dog poop that you spot while out walking your dog?

Our Neighborhood -- Keep it Clean

In this world, we tend to believe that it is the responsibility of others to take care of this planet. We rely on Government services to clean up the street and haul away our trash. But if you happen to see litter in the street, do you go over and pick it up?

Probably not. It's not your problem.

It's the same way with dog waste. Your dog defecates somewhere nearby where another dog went. The previous owner didn't clean up after his dog and now there are two or more poops. Like a good pet owner, you pull out a dog waste bag an pick up after your dog but leave the other mess for someone else to clean up.

Perhaps you think the owner is coming back to clean it up, but more likely you get an uneasy feeling that the other dog poop is somehow unclean.

I know that is what you are thinking because I get the same queasy feeling in my stomach.

Somehow you need to get over that feeling and pick it up. After all you just picked up that stinking messy stuff your dog left.

Pick Up Dog Poop for a Living


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  • profile image

    Me 7 years ago

    What a stupid hub.

  • PrettyPanther profile image

    PrettyPanther 7 years ago from Oregon

    LOL, I didn't phrase that very well. What I meant is, I don't have a dog, so I'm not in the habit of carrying around little baggies.

  • howardyoung profile image

    Howard Young 7 years ago from California

    @PrettyPanther, thanks for your feedback. After you pick it up once or twice, it becomes second nature.

  • PrettyPanther profile image

    PrettyPanther 7 years ago from Oregon

    I agree with you; we all inhabit the earth so why not take the initiative and do those little things that keep it pleasant to live on? I generally pick up litter that I see, but I'm not usually prepared to pick up dog poop.