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Show Dogs Don't Tailgate

Updated on August 26, 2009

Does it solve the problem?

I was driving on a long road trip a few weeks ago, and spotted a bumper sticker that jumped out at me. The sticker said "Show Dogs Don't Tailgate" and I guess for the fact that I was able to read the sticker, I'm no show dog! It was one of the more entertaining stickers that I have seen in some time, but maybe it was just because of the image of the movie "Best in Show" that popped into my head and the culture of dog shows. It also probably didn't hurt that the driver of the vehicle looked like she was on her way to a dog show after having spent thousands of dollars on her prized pet.

But does it work?  Do any stickers about tailgating really work?  Or do they just encourage the habit, since people want to get close enough to read what is on the sticker?

I suppose it could be a phrase that would be useful in situations other than driving, but I'm not sure it would really catch on. It may depend on the social cirlce that you belong to as to whether or not the reference would be entertaining.

"We could not talk or talk forever"

Have you seen this phrase before?

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