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The Best Silent Acme Dog Whistle-Stop Dog Barking with Acme Whistles

Updated on April 4, 2011

Silent dog whistles are used all over the world in dog training classes, are the favourite of professional dog handlers and are a useful training aid for your pet dog..

Your dogs hearing works at a different frequency to us humans, they have the ability to hear sounds we can't.

Manufacturers of dog whistles specifically silent dog whistles have spent years refining their craft, getting the right tone, the right shape and the right material has been a challenge but given the importance of matching a training whistle to your dogs audiology system it has been worth it for the owner, dog and supplier.

Dogs respond to sounds better than voices; as a result many dog owners now use silent dog whistles as an effective tool to stop their dog barking. A short "pip" on a silent dog whistle can stop your dog barking without upsetting the neighbours.


Dog Whistle Training

Puppy Training Program  Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Puppy Training Program Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

If you have read my article on Basic Dog Training Whistles; you will know that I do not recommend using a silent dog whistle in early puppy training.

However once you have passed the very basic stages of dog training the silent dog whistle can be introduced.

This article will look at some of the more popular whistles and manufacturers to help you make the right choice of dog whistle for you and your dog.

There are many gun dog suppliers who have a vast range of dog whistles, some are very specialised but you can get a suitable dog training whistle here on line at a much more competitive price.


Acme dog whistles

Acme dog training whistles are widely regarded as the best dog training whistles on the market. They are used by professional dog handlers, pet dog owners and are the preferred whistle of gun dog owners. Acme silent dog training whistles are often seen at the end of a whistle lanyard adorning the necks of the dog training fraternity.


Top of the range Acme Silent Dog whistles

Mid range silent dog whistles

Quality counts when it comes to silent dog whistles. Protecting your dogs hearing and effectiveness of the whistle should be your primary concern.

There is an unbelievable selection of mid range and mid price silent dog whistles out there and you may have to try a few before you match the training whistle to your dog.

The selection of whistles below represent the best of this mid range market.

Mid price range silent dog whistles

Lucky Dog European-Style Silent Whistle
Lucky Dog European-Style Silent Whistle

European Quality

Light single body construction

Adjustable Tone - Simply remove the black cap to adjust the tone to meet your dogs hearing

Your Pet will Love it.

Makes for a great Gift.


Budget silent dog whistles

This selection of silent dog whistles I am calling the budget range.

They represent what I would call the lowest acceptable level in dog training whistles.

There are of course much lower priced dog whistles but given you are unable to hear them yourself meaning you wouldn't know if they were working or not, I would advise caution and buy the best quality dog whistle you can afford.

Buget price silent dog whistle

SportDOG European-Style Silent Whistle
SportDOG European-Style Silent Whistle

The European-style Silent Whistle has a light single-body construction with adjustable tone.


Your dog hears it! Your neighbors don't. Adjustable pitch. professional quality - precision made.


Silent dog whistle summary

Who would have thought dog whistles could be so interesting, seriously buying the correct whistle for your dog should be your prime concern. It is unlikely you will be able to check every silent dog training whistle out so these two general rules should suffice:

Buy the best quality whistle you can afford

Stick with established tried and tested brands

Once you have your whistle why not start following my training classes which will include basic dog whistle training and advanced dog whistle training.

Good luck and have fun with your dog!


Dog whistle training poll

Have you been successful at whistle training?

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    • Aiden Roberts profile image

      Aiden Roberts 7 years ago from United Kingdom


      Training dog's to respond to a whistle is so much fun and is gaining popularity as the best way to stop a dog barking.

      Thanks again for your comment.

    • M.s Fowler profile image

      M.s Fowler 7 years ago from United states

      Nice hub I love dogs!