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Updated on May 31, 2016

Think in it!

I do not care any religion whose principles do not improve or take into account the conditions of the animals.

Abraham Lincoln


The arabian dog.

The Slougui


The Sloughi hunters are quick and efficient. Like all the Greyhounds have excellent vision. They hunt in their visual field anything that moves, even at great distances. The Sloughi is always alert to objects that move. Most Sloughi is in play between each other pursuits.
A well socialized Sloughi is affectionate, gentle, smart and very loyal to its owner. Slough that belonged to someone, do not choose another owner easily. With people who do not know, are aloof and cautious. Do not like being touched by strangers, unless they have been kindly submitted by his owner. They are intelligent, curious and independent. Can be trained to disciplined firmly and kindly, they are susceptible to aggression. But do not expect a Sloughi the same tricks that a Golden Retriver or a Border Collie can do. Are reliable and good watchdogs.
The Sloughi kept all their basic instincts. The parents of the litter usually defend it from other Sloughi adults. Females nurse their young well, bringing them food when they stop producing milk. Living together, establish a social hierarchy denoted by subtle behavioral rituals. Intentions are shown by a lot of sounds, expressions and postures. Nests when they are nursing pups to cool them in summer or for fun. Are great jumpers.
Because of their short hair, the Sloughi is very clean and has no characteristic smell of other dogs. They love the warmth and comfort, needing protection against cold and moisture. Daily exercise is necessary for their well being.


The exact origin of the Sloughi is too old to be fully known,
much of what is said is speculation. Depictions of dogs similar to Greyhounds Africans date back to the eighth or seventh millennium BC artifacts from ancient Egypt depict how these lines, and Greyhound's ears were drooping valuable at the time. The Greyhounds Egyptian floppy ears and hair smooth, possibly, came from Asia, but also were part of tributes to the Pharaohs come from Nubia (southern Egypt). This led to the former Greyhound Sloughi, Azawakh, Saluki and Afghanhound. It is impossible without a genetic study to determine whether it was identical to one of these races if it was one of them or if it was the ancestor of all breeds of Greyhound floppy ears and hair smooth.
In their countries of origin (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), the Sloughi is the only dog treated like family and allowed in the tents. Into Arabic, is a noble animal compared to other dogs in the region or unclean "Kelb. This is illustrated by terms such as "Aada Kelb machi, Aada Sloughi" or "This is not a dog, this is a Sloughi.
In these countries, the Sloughi is the only breed of dog being selected with the same affection of an Arabian horse. A Bedouin arrives to offer his own blanket to cover your Sloughi cold nights in the desert. The chicks are often fed by Bedouin women who help sick bitches. The loss of a Sloughi is lamented as a loved family. The Sloughi is decorated with jewels and amulets. His legs are sometimes marked by their owners and the ears are cut to prevent them being torn to hunt coyotes.
He is particularly present in Morocco, where it is used for hunting hares and gazelles. After the war of colonization of Algeria, soldiers brought to France by 1860, the first specimens. He was retained as a luxury dog because using Greyhound for hunting were banned from the French law of 1884. Because of this, the number was reduced from Slough. Despite the efforts in Europe and North Africa, the Sloughi is still not very common (in the West is one of the rarest breeds of Greyhounds) and farmers have an important responsibility in preserving this ancient breed.
Because the law made during the French occupation which prohibited hunting with Greyhounds and did not stimulate the breeding of dogs for fear of an epidemic of rabies, the Sloughi has been decimated.


They like children to respect animals and be harmonious.
Sometimes they get angry with other small dogs bark and very disturbing. Because they are large, unintentionally, can be violent to play and run with other small dogs. Slough can develop friendships with cats, but care is needed when both are outdoors. Sometimes the Sloughi may confuse their prey with a friend, especially if the cat run and start hunting.
On a hike with the Sloughi released from the guide, the owner must learn to locate prey before the dog, so you can stop it before it pursues its prey (eg, when 'something interesting' is across the street).
The Sloughi are tough and even when they feel pain, they rarely show. Therefore, it is difficult to tell when a Sloughi is sick or suffering. It can, however, make much noise after minor injuries. Sloughi a sociable, accustomed to an owner quiet and reliable, not a problem to be treated at the vet, even when treatment is uncomfortable. He seems to understand what is being helped.
The Sloughi not have genetic diseases inherent in the race. Isolated cases of atrophy of the muscles of the jaw were reported. Older animals may have arthritis. Cancer can affect some dogs. No case of "Gastric Torsion Syndrome" or "Hip Dysplasia" are known in the race.
Like other Greyhound, the Sloughi is sensitive to anesthetics. Under proper conditions, can live between 12 and 16 years.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - by their conduct, the delicacy of your skin and thin muscle is presented as a dog very fast and elegant.

TEMPERAMENT- though noble and arrogant, he is very attached to its owner and will defend if necessary. With a hunting instinct, able to withstand stress, he also appreciates the comforts of home

PROPORTIONS - for males with an optimal size of 27.56 inches at the withers, the length of its trunk from the tip of the shoulders to the tip of the buttock should be 26.38 to 26.77 inches. For a female with the ideal size of 25.59 inches the length of your torso from shoulder tip to tip of the buttock should be 24.41 to 24.8 inches.


SKIN - very fine, well adjusted to the body, without folds or dewlap.
Hair - hair very short, thick and thin.

COR - the sand clear across all possible shades of reddish fawn, with or without mask, with or without black mantle, with or without black striped, with or without black coating.

SIZE - Height at withers: males 25.98 to 30.71 inches and females 24.02 to 26.77 inches.
- Length: (standard not comment).
- Weight: (standard not comment).

HEAD - seen in profile is long and refined, delicate but rather robust. Viewed from above, its shape is a very long wedge, the skull being the widest part tapering to the tip of the nose.

Arabian dog

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Slougui 1
Slougui 1
Slougui 2
Slougui 2
Slougui 3
Slougui 3
Slougui 4
Slougui 4
Slougui 5
Slougui 5
Slougui 6
Slougui 6
Slougui 7
Slougui 7
Slougui 8
Slougui 8
Slougui 9
Slougui 9
Slougui 10
Slougui 10
Slougui 11
Slougui 11
Slougui 12
Slougui 12
Slougui 13
Slougui 13

Slougui in hunt


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    • barthoraimundo profile imageAUTHOR

      Raimundo Bartho 

      7 years ago from Brazil, São Paulo, Praia Grande

      Thanks for the comment. I love German Shepherd. Really are very intelligent and obedient. Posted a comment on your hub talking about Chodsky Pes. kissies for all.

    • clark farley profile image

      clark farley 

      7 years ago

      Very attractive dog!

      I like the characteristic of being very loyal to (their family) and while not un-friendly to others, a bit on the aloof side. Reminds me of our first German Shepherd, Ola.

      She was very intelligent and totally about the family-pack, when anyone came to our house for the first time, the only question I would ask would be, "Do you like large dogs"?

      If the answer was yes, I would let Ola out and she would be the perfect (canine) hostess. Of course, if they said "no' to the question, I would simply let Ola stay in another part of the house.

      It seems that people who are not comfortable with dogs always do the wrong thing! They always do the: reach out their hand, then jerk it away, which to a dog means, 'lets play the grab my hand game'

      Good Hub


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