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Fashion Accessories and The Cutest Clothes for Small Boo Dogs

Updated on May 21, 2015
small dog fashion and accessories
small dog fashion and accessories

Dog Fashion

For Small Dogs

Since the rising popularity of the cutest Pomeranian Boo the dog Dog fashion and accessories are hotter than ever! Small dog clothing and accessories are just so cute, you just can't help wanting to dress your babies in the very best latest fashion in small dog clothes . There are so many adorable pink styles to choose from, that no matter what your taste in dog fashion may be, there are very stylish small dog clothing and accessories for girly girl small dog and the studly stud small dog. Anyone who cares to pamper their pet is pawing for the latest pink styles in canine couture like the many outfits you have seen Boo wearing. You too can indulge your dog in hip, urban fashion. and adorable dog gifts. Here is where you will find products for the modern, sophisticated small dog ranging from comfortable beds to strollers and pink fashionable items.
Comfy apparel for dogs is important, so why not make it cute while you are dressing your Boo. It brings out the fun and sporty personality in canines and comes in different sizes to fit a wide range of small dog breeds.

Small Dogs Accssories

From luxury accessories for dogs like pet barrettes, pet carriers, strollers and more! You can fetch collars and harnesses and a small dog carrier to go on walks or an airplane, so make sure you check out our fabulous high fashion hoodies to crystal dog collars . From from beds to dog carriers ... with the fashion and functionality that make taking care of your pets easy and in such a chic way.

Fashion Clothes for Your Small Dog

A dog Glamour hub for all your designer dog outfits makes shopping online for your small pet easy and fun. Fashionable dog clothes are something that every little dog needs. Within these categories you will find everything to dress your pet for less and in pink. Want to dress like a Boo dog but dont want to spend the cash? No problem. Right here you will find pricing to meet everyones needs. Everything in pink to make your pet look like the cutest dog ever and for any occasion.

Prettiest Dog Sweater

Heart Loves

Fashion meets warmth for your little pom and the great outdoors awaits. Right down to the integrated pocket these doggie sweaters have ribbed sleeves and matching waistband. These authentic winter wear pink sweaters are a unique statement of individual pet style.
Fashioned in an easy-care soft fleece inside for complete comfort. All of these sweaters for your lap dog are easy to take care of as they are all Machine washable.

Fashion Pet Pink Heart to Heart Cable Knit Sweater - your pom will be warm and oh so chic in this pink sweater that shows who has heart.

Fashion Pet Bone Patch Cable Dog Sweater - what could be cuter than a pink doggy bone for the lap dog in your heart.

Fashion Pet Pink Dog Hoodie
Fashion Pet Pink Dog Hoodie

Dog Hoodie

Its oh so cold and there and you dont want your little pom to get a chill. What little (or big!) dog doesn’t look cute in a hoodie, especially if it comes in pink. You have never ever seen fashion for small dogs so stylish and hip. Keep your dog warm and dressed to the nines in these cutest pink doggie fleece hoodies.

Whether you choose a fancy hoodie for your doggy or you want to go for the basic classic hoodie, your little guy will be in fashion and oh so chic.

Born To Run

Born To Ride Motorcycle Pink Dog Harness Jacket
Born To Ride Motorcycle Pink Dog Harness Jacket

The Cooliest Dog Jacket

Unbelievability cool and trend on fashion this dog jacket fully lined, but we have added a high quality embroidered eagle patch with "Born To Ride" embroidered in Pink and Silver lettering. Pink Motorcycle Harness jacket will have your Biker Dog riding in style! Made from the finest soft faux leather, it feels and smells just like real leather.

Like Bruce Springsteen sings, baby we were born to ride. .. .hmmm or was that run! Either way this pink "Born to Ride" jacket for your dog will keep little fido or Boo hitting the road in style.

Brrr Its Getting Cold

Red Quilted Small Dog Fashion Parka
Red Quilted Small Dog Fashion Parka

Dog Coats

Fashion Quilted Dog Parka

If you’re looking for something truly unique for your pooch, this quilted parka coat is adorable and completely different than anything else you might already have. It’s perfect for those wintery cold days. A Quilted Coat with a difference! The front fastening zip makes it really easy to take on and off your pup, while giving the coat a great modern look. The elasticized arms give a good fit while the quilted black lining will keep your pup warm.

Fashion forward dog raincoats
Fashion forward dog raincoats

Sizing Your Raincoat

  • Small fits nape of neck to base of tail 8" - 12", Neck 12" - 18" and Chest 22" - 26"
  • Designed with heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl
  • Elastic leg straps and adjustable Velcro belly strap
  • Reflective strip on back for extra visibility in the rain

Dog Rain Coat

Your pet dog will be protected from the rain when wearing this practical but chic Rain Coat. With velcro closures and elastic leg straps for an easy and secure fit. Rain coats are not only a cute fashion statement to make but these doggy coats will keep you pet dry when the weather would like to do otherwise. Choose a canine raincoat that with a draw string hood, leash opening, handy back pocket with Velcro flap closure. Not only are these rain coats comfortable but they are so very fashion forward.

When It Rains!

Fashion Pet Puddles Rain Medium Dog Poncho
Fashion Pet Puddles Rain Medium Dog Poncho

draw string hood, leash opening, handy back pocket with Velcro flap closure

Pink fashion bow accessories for your small dog
Pink fashion bow accessories for your small dog

Dog Barrettes

Pink Dog Bows offer pets four different ways to look their best. Not just fiffy bows here. There is a bow for every dog and their master :)
Available in: canister of 48 bows, 24 count bagged,and 12 count bagged.

Ribbon Shaped Swarovski Crystal Dog Barrette

Fashionable Small Dog Collars
Fashionable Small Dog Collars

Dog Collars for Small Dogs

Whether ypu are looking for a dog collar with bling or you want it personalized. Here you can find either one. Pink Bling of course is my favorite for my little dog. Before you shop for a collar for your dog make sure you measure around your dog's neck to find the perfect fit. Sizing dog collars: if your dog's neck size falls in between two sizes, always choose the up size. For example, for a size 12" neck select a collar that fits 12-14" necks and not a collar that fits 10-12" necks

Fashion Forward Pink Dog Crocodile Pattern Pet Carrier
Fashion Forward Pink Dog Crocodile Pattern Pet Carrier

Pretty Pet Carriers

If you have a small cute Boo dog it is essential to have a take everywhere small dog carrier. Choose from Airline-approved small dog carriers that come equipped with every essential available. A good transporter will be made of durable, easy to clean, weatherproof PVC. Look for an interior that is also super easy-to-clean with a reinforced bottom with a removable comfort pad. I think another important feature you need is an exterior cargo pocket for convenient storage. A convenient top loading flap comes with a mesh ventilation panel & dual zippered closure makes it easy-to-use pull.

So many unique choices of designer carriers that differ in style. Breed carriers such as Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, Papillon,Shitzu and more! Prices range from $25 to $225! Something for everyone. Whether you want a pink carriers, blue carriers, black carriers, retro carriers, designer carriers, faux fur carriers, and more there are Endless Possibilities.

Pink Pet Stroller
Pink Pet Stroller

Dog Strollers

Strollers provide safety and protection while out and about, plus your baby can now come with you on your jog!

  • Easy Fold, - opens and folds in 5 seconds!
  • Large storage basket and cup holders keep toys, treats, and water bottles handy
  • Front and Rear Entry
  • Top, Front and Rear Ventilation
  • When not in use, this handy pet stroller can be folded and stored away much like a conventional baby stroller in seconds

Portable Pink Puppy Bed

fold and go with your pet in style
fold and go with your pet in style

Fold and Go

Pink Pet Bed

This pink dog bed is probably just about my favorite inventions! Whether at home or when traveling here is a portable bed for your pet that is ready anytime and anywhere. Made by Carlson, its a portable pup pet bed that is so simple to fold and go. And like most small dogs love to be able to see all, this bed is elevated to keep your pet cool, safe and comfortable. Pink Portable puppy bed also includes a carry case which makes transporting this pet bed effortless. And to make this pet bed more perfect this can be used indoor and outdoor. Great for home, travel, kennels, pet day care, camping, the park, hotels and much more. Measures 26-inch wide, 26-inch long and 7-inch tall. For pets up to 45-pounds. Color-pink.

Pink Leopard Dog Bed
Pink Leopard Dog Bed

Pink Leopard Bed

The prettiest hues of pink and fawn make this Pink Snuggle Bed absolutely irresistible. A small dog favorite for those who love burrow and snuggle. This dog bed can be used 3 ways:

  • as sleeping bag
  • cup style for laps
  • spread it out for a doubly luxurious 50" x 20" throw

A Susan Lanci Design. Dimensions: 20" w x 25" l.

Dog Cuddle Cup Bed

Cuddle Cup Plush Bed for Dogs by Susan Lanci Designs (20", Pink Leopard & Curly Sue)
Cuddle Cup Plush Bed for Dogs by Susan Lanci Designs (20", Pink Leopard & Curly Sue)

when your Boo cant cuddle with you this is the perfect solution for times spent alone!

Pink Princess Dog Bed
Pink Princess Dog Bed

Dog Bed

Princess Pink Dog Bed

Perfect sleeping quarters for the cutest dog on the planet! This pup tent is made of white nylon fabric and features a billowing eave of the same material. the security for your dog is secured by five pink ribbons,which are tied in bows. Accessories include a white wood spire and a pink pillow that matches the pink bows.

Luxury Pet Bed

A bed fit for a princess and isnt that what your Boo dog is. This bed constructed with comfy bolsters. Your pet will feel safe and secure sleeping on this bed. Sturdy metal frame is ease to assemble without tools. Cover can be removed for washing.
Assembled bed measures 20" long, 20" wide and 16" tall.

How To Measure your Dog for Fashion Clothes
How To Measure your Dog for Fashion Clothes
Meet the Cutest Dog in the World Boo the Pom
Meet the Cutest Dog in the World Boo the Pom

Dress Your Small Pet Cute Like Dog Boo

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Boo Quote - "if the pink hippo doesn't stop staring at me, somebody gonna get a hurtin."Boo dressed in a HoodieBoo dressed to cheer his team onBoo dressed to go to the VetBoo does Yahoo in styleNapping in cute clothesBoo chooses Juicy for FashionBoo's 4th Halloween but first time dressing up. It is fun. Clothes are fun. Boo's BowsBoo and Buddy
Boo Quote - "if the pink hippo doesn't stop staring at me, somebody gonna get a hurtin."
Boo Quote - "if the pink hippo doesn't stop staring at me, somebody gonna get a hurtin."
Boo dressed in a Hoodie
Boo dressed in a Hoodie
Boo dressed to cheer his team on
Boo dressed to cheer his team on
Boo dressed to go to the Vet
Boo dressed to go to the Vet
Boo does Yahoo in style
Boo does Yahoo in style
Napping in cute clothes
Napping in cute clothes
Boo chooses Juicy for Fashion
Boo chooses Juicy for Fashion
Boo's 4th Halloween but first time dressing up. It is fun. Clothes are fun.
Boo's 4th Halloween but first time dressing up. It is fun. Clothes are fun.
Boo's Bows
Boo's Bows
Boo and Buddy
Boo and Buddy


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    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 

      7 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      I make my mini doxy's coats and buy some too. this hub is a great source for purchasing dog accessories. thank you.

    • shai77 profile image


      7 years ago

      You have wonderful Hubs.

      Thanks for the info :-)

    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      drbj - I dont have a boo now either :( but you can bet a little dog is in my future! Boo is totally the cutest dog ever!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      7 years ago from south Florida

      I don't own a small dog at the moment, Shari, but if I decide to own one again I will use this hub as a reference for the smartest and most appropriate accessories you have presented.

      Love that parka and thanks for the video. Boo is beyond cute.


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