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Smallholding in Bulgaria

Updated on September 21, 2012
Grapes growing in the Bulgarian sunshine
Grapes growing in the Bulgarian sunshine

Dreaming of self suffiiciency?

Have you ever wanted to live a simpler life? Enjoy all things rural? Yearn to grow your own and have no space? Or just can't find the capital to buy a property with land? Then take a look at what Bulgaria has to offer.

For a fraction of the price across the rest of Europe you can buy a property with land and have "The Good Life" you've been dreaming of. Rural properties in Bulgaria are still cheap, there's a reason for this obviously. A lot of them are run down and need renovating up to Western European standards or even knocked down completely. But you can if you research; find that little piece of heaven to grow vegetables on and raise livestock if you wish to.

Many rural properties come with approximately half an acre of land, although it is possible to find properties with more or even less. It all depends on how much you have to spend and how much land you think you can manage. A half acre garden can produce a fairly substantial amount of vegetables over the growing season, but won't leave much space for livestock.

The use of common land in Bulgaria is what enables the locals to have both. Livestock can be grazed daily on land owned by a village. your cow, sheep, horse or goat can spend all day eating and then return home overnight. Meaning that you would need to house that animal in a smaller space or barn. Of course you can't guarantee the quality of such grazing and there may be times of the year when the weather is too hot or cold to take full advantage of it.

Agricultural land in Bulgaria is much sought after due to the amount of EU grants now available, and is usually snapped up pretty quickly by a farming corporation. But there are still plenty of properties with land to be found, although prices will vary due to the area, facilities, proximity to large towns etc. Come and see for yourself


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