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So You Want to Keep a Pet Piranha?

Updated on September 4, 2010

Basic Information

Pet Piranhas? That is precisely correct, my pals. Piranhas can surely be kept in an aquarium and make great and attention-grabbing pets. They may be unlawful in many regions around the globe because they need a keeper with a huge sense of responsibility and know-how. Piranhas are some of the most mis-understood creatures on the earth. They've been getting terrible press for ages now. Hollywood films and TV routinely shows them as ruthless predators, ready to take a piece out of anything that moves. This is entirely true, but there isn't any reason why a watchful and responsible enthusiast should shy away from keeping these magnificent fish. Piranhas are small fish native to South America that are Omnivorous. They have been known to take out birds, animals and also people who venture into their territory. These are rapacious eaters with prickly teeth and have evolved into nature's killing machine. Closely associated with the Pacu fish, they are members of the Tetra family of fish. Below, I'll present some useful information that should be fascinating to any person thinking about keeping Piranhas as pets.

Piranhas make for some cool pets but they need a lot of care and maintenance. To keep Piranhas, you would need at least a 50 gallon tank. Also, because they're warm water fish, Piranha have to be kept in water that is between seventy to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. They would also need considerable amounts of aquarium gravel to make them feel at home plus a biowheel. Piranha are available in numerous varieties. The red bellied Piranha is among the most popular sub-species of this fish.

Food Tips

You should feed your Piranha daily. If you reside in a place where they're authorized, you'll be able to probably obtain their food at a local pet store. But don't forget - Piranha can eat almost anything Be aware that the food doesn't contain anything that may taint your water. So don't give them cooked food that may contain salt and other spices. Give them pieces of Beef or Fish and you may even feed them fresh vegetables of fruits. Even freeze dried vegetables can be utilized as a food source. Once they have fed (which should take several minutes), take away any extra food from the aquarium as this could rot and taint the aquarium. Piranhas eat in a flurry and watching them is incredible.

Do not aim to feed your Piranha Goldfish as these can cause problems and do not make for a good food source anyway. Because Piranha eat various food including raw meat, it is important to keep your tank uncontaminated at all times. A quality filtration system will go a long way.

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