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Soft Paws Review: a great Alternative to Declawing Cats

Updated on January 19, 2009

Stop and think before considering declawing your cat!


As much as some owners may love their fur-balls, the price to pay for seeing their expensive furniture ripped apart and mercilessly scratched may appear to be a bit too high. Whether, their cat has decided to alter the appearance of their costly LazyBoy sofa or has opted to provide a good nice trim to those satin blue curtains, owners may begin questioning about what to do to in order stop this unwanted behavior.

If you personally own a cat that loves to stretch and scratch on anything in sight, you may have already tried to lure your cat into using scratching posts and/or cat trees. You may have tried to say loudly "no" or to shake a can of coins. You may also have tried spraying your cat in the act.  However, for some obscure reason, cats may still endure in the unwanted behavior almost suggesting their dire need to look for that special "adrenaline rush" from doing something prohibited.

While declawing may become a word more and more thought of in such scenarios, there is one last resort that may save cats from an unnecessary amputation. The solution is a simple product called "SoftPaws" which has been already on the market with great success for quite some time. The concept is ingenious, but yet very simple: 40 vinyl nail caps are provided in each kit along with a special glue.

How to Fit SoftPaws on Your Cat

 The cat's nails are trimmed and then since the nail caps are hollow, the caps are slided up the cat's nails so they will dry quickly. The caps will last an average of 4 to 6 weeks. A kit therefore, is believed to last an average of 4-6 months. While the caps will very likely stay in place and fall off as the nail naturally grows, it is expected that a few may come off at times. For this reasons it is advised that owners routinely check the cat's nails.

 Because the caps are covering the original sharp nail, they present as normal nails but with effectively rounded edges that cause no damage to anything scratched. The cat still retains its liberty to extend and retract nails andwill act as normally as always. If owners at this point are wondering the costs associated with the usage of such caps, they may be delighted  to learn that a kit will cost usually no more than $20 bucks.

To make cats even more trendy, SoftPaws also comes in different colors. Your female cat may be as girly as she desires with her hot pink nails or your male may be masculine with his dark blue ones. While simple cats that are not much into being stylish and  showing off, may simply use the transparent colorless ones.

SoftPaws have surely revolutionized a cat's lifestyle and the lifestyles of their owners. No more expensive declaw surgeries along with their extensive lists of complications.  No more junk yard couches and teared down curtains. Owners and cats may finally live at peace nowadays, thanks to the revolutionary SoftPaws. 


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