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Some Thoughts On Cats

Updated on May 6, 2013

Some Thoughts On Cats


When I think of cats,

I sometimes visualize,

long, black, sleek machines

like rental limousines,
purring softly in dark alleyways,

prowling boldly down bright avenues,
seeking out the mousy types,

who are looking only to fulfill an ego trip

If I ponder kittens,

I often picture
the soft fluff of a dandelion,

that has just gone to seed
breaking free and tumbling

in a velvety ball
over jagged tufts of grass,

in pursuit of butterflies or bees

When I think of lust which

I must confess is often
it reminds me of cats,

here one instant
gone the next,

always preening, strutting,
pouncing, howling,
aching to be stroked,

scratched, and petted
eating tuna, yet all the while

pretending that it's caviar
rubbing up against any available leg
just long enough to purge it's needs

Ahhh, but when I'm contemplating love
it's like a tiny, fluffy kitten
a warm and fuzzy heat
in the bed of my lap
the taste of sweet, milky kisses
the brush of soft flesh against whiskers
perfumes entwined

with downy musk
love fills my senses
my breath quickens
I nuzzle up against

fond memories
to share my dreams

of joy to come.


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    • Barbsbitsnpieces profile image

      Barbara Anne Helberg 6 years ago from Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio, USA

      @MFB III...Is that the most adorable kitten picture ever, do you suppose? I'm a doggie person first, but have had many loving cats in my life...I'm just allergic to them when they are indoors with me! But animals forever is my motto! Thanks for sharing this lovely poetry!!