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Sometimes I love animals more than I love people.

Updated on May 29, 2015

Love fur babies

Sometimes a good cuddle with my fur babies are nice.

Yes, I am going to sound like a crazy cat lady, but I can not help myself.

I love animals.

Plain and simple.

I know we are supposed to put human beings before animals, but I do not know if I agree with that always.

If something that is so little can give me so much joy, how can that be wrong?

So yes I admit I am a crazy cat woman, but only have to cats, so I am not sure if I can apply for the label. Well two is quite enough.

I do love all animals and dogs.

Yes the two kitties I have is a handful, but I love them.

There are days where I can lay and have both of my kitties curled up with me watching films.

How very calming and quiet the time during these cuddle sessions can be.

I know a lot of people love animals and own different types and I say more love to the people with animals.

But I honestly think it might be the other way around when we think some animals might need us, when we might need them.

I hear a lot of times people say how much they hate people and prefer animals over people any day.

I think in society of "me" in this present age, sometimes animals just look for some food and affection from us.

I do know dogs tend to be loyal and petting them leads to calming people's nerves.

Well, in a way, that is the same thing with my kitties.

I see videos of and such about animal abuse and I know there is people abuse too, which there really is no need for.

Even as I am writing this on Hub Pages, my two kitties are around me.

I can not even go into the bathroom because they need to know where I am.

Even in the shower my kitties want to know what is behind the shower curtain with the water running.

Here I always thought kitties were afraid of water, where hence, I have kitties that want to jump in the shower.

They are two fur balls. Both are different but still crave affection of my love.

I can not help myself, I just love animals.

It is so hard to hear about the abuse of animals, and in this whole world how could we save all of them?

The best answer I can think of, in our own place our community at least we could do a little bit of our own part and the animals we own, at least those animals are safe, warm, loved and are fed.

I got to admit, sometimes I think of feeding my kitties before me and yes I know that sounds crazy, but I love them very much.

The funny times where I use a laser pointer and the kitties see a red dot it is quite entertaining to see them chase it, and all I do is sit there and wave the laser pointer.

Maybe, yes, it is silly to say that I love animals sometimes more than people.

I mean I know animals and wild animals, well you can't say they destroy the earth, as much as people have.

Sometimes I think some of the things we do to the earth, people, and animals really makes me think how much more we are animals than animals really are.

Of course I'm not going to own any wild animals because have kitties, well they are a hand full and reality of owning a tiger, you need some sort of reservation and to have a tiger which is really a kitty that is like 50 times the size of my kitties, let me just say that if two small fur balls are this much of a handful I can only imagine what two tigers could be like.

I just think it is a blessing for any human being to have any animal in their life whether it is a dog or cat or any animal at all.

Animals do add to our lives and I think may help us to stay younger and calm our nerves.

I know that there are some programs that even take animals to hospitals and elderly homes and it seems to light up people a lot.

Of course animals in a way are kind of like furry children, because you still have to take care of them and sometimes they can cause a little bit of mischief in our lives but we still love them.

Like for an example my younger kitty, when I first got him last year he would launch himself at the curtains and swing at them. He also would eat my shower curtains.

So of course like a little kid, I had to train him and work with him, not to have him keep doing it.

It was everyday, or when I bought a new shower curtain, right in the shower he would go and just attack the shower curtain but now that he is a little bit older he has stopped.

Of course we can not compare animals to people, but in a way animals, if anyone owns them can tell you that animals are indeed part of the family and they count as part of the family.

I am happy to have always had an animal be part of my life.

Yes I think this is the third time I might be saying this, but sometimes I honestly love animals way more than people.

Animals have always brought much happiness in my life and I think throughout my life I am always going to have one around me.

We say that we save animals, but honestly I think the truth is, it is the other way around; animals actually really save us.

Maybe that sounds strange but in a strange way it kind is the truth.

Well what can I say? I am always going to be an animal lover.


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