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Speedy Appaloosa

Updated on August 22, 2010
Speedy Appaloosa, rickzimmerman 2010
Speedy Appaloosa, rickzimmerman 2010

Supposedly a near-double to the famed Appaloosa pony ridden by Nez Perce Indian leader Chief Joseph at his 1877 surrender to the U.S. Army — the Chief famously declaring that he would “fight no more forever” — this Appaloosa, named Inkspots, capers gleefully across his native terrain of Southwestern Oregon.

Welcome to Dream Weaver Quarter Horses of Malin, Oregon, close by the California border. This is where Inkspots has been bred and trained, along with his fellow Appaloosas, as well as Morab, Arabian, Hanoverian, Morgan, Paint and Quarter Horses. Out here, in the watershed above Klamath Falls, and not far from the town of Ponderosa, Inkspots lives the carefree life of a horse from another century.

And it shows! In his straight-arrow spine and paintbrush tail. In his noble head and erect ears. In his toothy grin, and in his limber, rubbery gait. (See how he catches some air?!) This is one happy Appaloosa! And can you blame him? His prize-winning yet peculiar peppery pied markings insure that Inkspots will continue to live out his days, romping o’er the hills, munching on the finest blend of graze, posing for photos, and impregnating just about every fine Appaloosa mare his handlers can walk past him.

Not a bad life for a horse (or any other mammal, for that matter).  


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