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Standard Veterinary Clinic: How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

Updated on November 10, 2017

Standard Veterinary Clinic: How much do you love your dog?

By domesticating animals, we take their burden away from nature and place it on our shoulders. Therefore, we have to treat them with love and kindness. "A dog is man’s best friend", they say. Consequently, since friendship is a unique and a rare gift, we owe our friend so much, love. However, some dog owner’s, especially in the developing country fail to take proper care of their pet. Their action may be related to poverty which is a disease that affects many and is capable of spreading to those animals under our supervision. There are many things a dog owner or a breeder needs to do to adequately take care of a dog under his or her custody.

The common pet vaccination:

Anti-Rabies vaccine: The rabies virus causes one of the world deadliest diseases. It has a vast host range. Consequently, it is a threat to man and other animals. It is of public health importance. Vaccination is given at three months (12 weeks) and repeated yearly. Kindly, help yourself, your pet and the general public by vaccinating your pets to avoid the horror of rabies. Then report any unusual behaviour by your pet to your veterinary Doctor for further investigations/advise. Wash a wound with soap and alcohol, in case of dog bite then seek further professional medical advise.

DHLPP-formerly called Triple vaccine: The vaccination aims to protect/prevent the following diseases:

1) Canine Distemper

2) Infectious Canine Hepatitis

3) Leptospirosis

4) Para-influenza

5) Canine Parvoviral enteritis

It is a pentavalent vaccine against five deadly contagious canine diseases. It is said, “Prevention is better than cure.” However, vaccination is not a grantee against the illnesses because of multiple reasons that include vaccine failure, incomplete immunisation, inadequate immune response, stress among others. That notwithstanding, it is good to vaccinate your pet and ensure that your pet maintains a good immune status because a compromised immune system is a pre-requite to most infectious diseases.

Feeding: It is evident that pets love those who feed them. Consequently, feed your pet and win its love. Adequate food that has the essential nutrients is essential for healthy growth, healthy life, and functional immune status. It also makes a happy pet.

Puppies are best fed at least four times a day on food that contains more of proteins, calcium, vitamins, and other minerals. It is good to use artificial milk to support dam’s milk when the puppies are at four weeks then cereal and pap can be introduced in addition to milk at 5-6 weeks.

Nursing and pregnant bitches need adequate nutrient to help them fulfil their duty efficiently and maintain good health condition. Their nutrient requirement is usually higher at this period, and food that has sufficient protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins are essential.

Breeding: This is the part breeders love to read because nothing gives a breeder joy more than seeing a bitch come in heat. It is good to ensure that a bitch is in a good health condition before mating. Adequate feeding and functional health status help a bitch to reach sexual maturity faster than those poorly fed. Although some breeders mate their bitch at first heat, it is not advised to do so because it is best to mate a bitch at a second or third cycle. Always keep a breeding record for both bitch and stud.


1) Please, do not buy a pet if you cannot take care of the pet especially feeding and proper medical treatment. If you have a pet but can no longer take care of it, kindly find a “good” new home for your pet.

2) Make sure that your Pet is vaccinated wholly against rabies and other diseases. Do not call your Vet or take your pet for vaccination when you noticed that your pet is not eating well, is not as playful as usual e.t.c. Instead, call your Vet to check the cause of the sudden change and treat if necessary. Vaccination is for pets that are apparently healthy.

3) Check and treat your pet for ectoparasite. Be careful when using an acaricide that may be toxic to your pet and follow the drug manufacturer’s instruction/Veterinary advise. Consult your Vet in case of toxicity.

4) Do not claim you have dewormed your pet efficiently if you do not know the pharmacology of the drug you used. Always consult your Veterinary Doctor.

5) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is not earned by watching a Veterinary Doctor treat a case and asking questions or by treating your pet. It is obtained by successfully passing through an approved Veterinary college. Consequently, be mindful of those who manage your pet and know your Veterinary Doctor to avoid quackery. It is commonly so in developing countries where breeders go about treating pets.

6) Exercise and walk your dog regularly. However, ensure that your pet uses a perfect collar and leash. Then control your dog to avoid causing harm to others.


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