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You CAN Stop A Dog From Chewing Your Stuff!

Updated on May 15, 2014

Stop A Dog From Chewing Your Stuff - Is It The Impossible Dog Owner's Dream?

Yeah - preventing destructive chewing does sound like the impossible dream for dog owners.

Case in point - Alvin The Terrible, the jaws-of-steel Bichon mix, can dismantle just about anything. He can put a hole in reading glasses or chew through a computer cord in seconds. Alvin demolishes industrial strength squeaker toys. He's truly an amazing destructo machine.

As dog owners, you really do not have to put up with an animal wrecking your cell phone, shoes, or anything else. Want to stop a dog from chewing your stuff? Here's two things you can do immediately. One is common sense and will cost you $0. The other will cost a few bucks, but it's worth every penny!

The Common Sense Approach
The most overlooked way to stop dog chewing is to keep the stuff away from the dog! Dog-proof your house. Put everything out of the monster's reach.

And then, once everything is safe, KEEP it that way. The hardest teacher is reality. When the dog eats your expensive camera because you left it out on a table, you'll never do it again!

Goughnuts Green And Goughnuts .75

Stop A Dog From Chewing Your Stuff - Give Him His Own Stuff To Chew

The second suggestion to stop destructive dog chewing - give him his own stuff. Sound easy? Maybe or maybe not!

What you give him to chew has to meet two criteria - he has to love the object and he must not be able to destroy it.

We searched long and hard for toys that Alvin could not destroy. So far there are only two toys that fit the criteria - he loves to play with them and he can't "break" them.

The first toy, KONG Balls, come in red and black and smaller dogs (even Alvin) cannot dent them.

The second toy is called Goughnuts. The original toys came in small and large sizes and in green and black. Recently, the manufacturer came out with a stick version.

Goughnuts are guaranteed for life. Alvin guards his from his bro Simon. They fight over Alvin's Goughnuts even though Simon has one, too.

What better way to stop a dog from chewing your stuff? Give him his own stuff!

Click BUY Goughnuts Now to stop destructive dog chewing!

Alvin The Terrible With His Goughnuts

Playing Keepaway with Goughnuts

Alvin and Simon Goughnuts Tug of War

Author's Note

To date, Alvin the Terrible has had his goughnuts green .75 for at least 3 years. He continues to play keep away and occasionally tug of way as well as chewing the toy. It was well worth the price for the amusement factor alone.

What's your dog's fav chew toy?

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