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The Best Prices on Feliway for Cats

Updated on March 17, 2011

Feliway Cat Behavior Products

Like humans your cat can get stressed, this is usually brought on by a change in environment; bringing a new kitten home or introducing your cat to new pets.

Cat stress often brings on unwanted bahaviors from your cat such as cat urinating or cat marking, this has very unpleasant consequences for the owner as well as the cat or kitten.

Feliway cat stress reducing products work by emulating your cats natural facial pheromone, pheromone is used by felines to mark territory and to create a place of safety.

Feliway plug in diffusers let off a synthetic replacement of pheromone which discourages your cat from urinating, marking territory, scratching and is proven to reduce stress in cats.

Pheromonatherapy to reduce cat stress is an exciting and fairly new area of veterinary medicine' it is also becoming very popular with cat behaviorists.

This scent that fills the room will help calm your cat while it copes with adapts to it's new environment.


Feliway is effective because rather than using drugs or forced tranquillisation it simply emits natural chemicals that cats use anyway to communicate.

The handy diffuser is simple to use, plug it in to an electrical socket were the cat spends most of it's time and let nature go to work. There are no nasty smells, no harmful chemicals and refills are readily available.

Feliway Cat Behaviour

Amazon UK for Feliway Bargains
Amazon UK for Feliway Bargains

Feliway Plug in Diffuser and Refill

Cat Behavior Changing Diffuser

This is the main part of the cat behavior system, the plug in diffuser comes with a refill included.

Product features include:

  • Simulates cats natural pheromone to reduce stress
  • Plugs in to any electrical socket
  • Made to British safety standards
  • Safe to humans and other pets
  • Complete with refill


Feliway ORMD-D Spray

Modify your cats unwanted behavior with the handy spray from Feliway, ideal for use when travelling, in cages or pet beds.

  • Feliway (Comfort Zone) spray discourages your cat from urinating where he shouldn't.
  • Pheromone Feliway spray emulates the smell of your cat's natural scent glands.
  • Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed.
  • Feliway spray can stop your cat from spraying.
  • Effective with both male and female cats


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