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The Sad Life of Dairy Cows

Updated on August 26, 2012

Facts About Dairy Cows

Dairy cows are the hardest worked farm animals and mothers.

The only reason they produce milk is to feed their calves but humans steal their milk and deprive their calves of the love and affection they need and deserve. Cows don't produce milk for it to be taken away. They have strong bonds with their babies and are torn from them almost instantly and contrary to what you may think cows are extremely intelligent and affectionate animals.

They suffer abuse, neglect, illness and separation from the calves that  they give birth to for what?  So people can have dairy products?  In today's world, there are plenty  of alternatives, we don't need to rob them of their milk.

Dairy cows living in a happy and healthy environment can live for up to 25 years. However, because of their hard lives, commercial dairy cows are worn out by 4 or 5 years of age. They are then sent to slaughter, where many cannot even stand up anymore. They are filled with fear, as they smell the blood of others who have had their throats cut, they struggle to escape when they hear the cries of the other cows but they have nowhere to escape to, no one to help. You consume their fear and their torture. Only vegans truly understand the  peacefulness that you feel mentally when you rid all animal products out of your body and life.

Cows are sensitive and sweet creatures, they deserve respect and compassion.

They feel love, fear, comfort and grief, just as we do.


In order to maintain uninterrupted milk production, cows are forced year after year to go through an endless cycle of pregnancy and birth, only to have their calves immediately taken from them. Cows and calves cry out for each other as they are separated. Could you imagine going through this pain? Having your baby ripped away from you after giving birth...over and over again. How dare humans inflict this on an innocent creature. Who are we to take a baby away from it's mother?

Half of all calves born are male. Of no use in milk production, they are sent to veal-producing operations or directly to auctions where they are sold and slaughtered when they are just a few days old. Male calves used for veal production suffer a crude castration process and are killed after four sad months of living in small crates or pens.

After just four to six years, dairy cows are “spent” from being forced to continuously produce milk. Often weak and ill, they endure transport to auction and slaughter, both of which are traumatic for these gentle animals. If allowed to exist free of exploitation and slaughter, cows can live 25 years or more.


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