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Taco Terrier Hybrid Dogs

Updated on June 28, 2011

Physical Description

A cute, intelligent and charming toy sized dog, the Taco Terrier is not a purebred but rather one of the more popular of the hybrid breeds. It is a cross between a Toy Fox Terrier and a Chihuahua, however there are now second and third generation crosses between two Taco Terriers that are available.

These dogs typically grow to be under 9-10 inches and less than 7 pounds at maturity, but some can be slightly larger as well.

The coat is sleek and short, unless the Chihuahua was a long haired variety, which may result in a medium length coat. The colors of the coat can vary from solid blacks, whites and browns through to parti-colors, tri-colors and even brindles and merle colorations. White markings on the face and chest are very common.

Taco Terrier

The body of the Taco Terrier is strong and athletic despite their small size. They have straight, moderate length legs, well developed arched feet and a balanced body, chest and rib cage. The tail tends to be long and tapered, carried high unless it is docked. The head is very fox-like in appearance with very expressive dark, somewhat prominent round eyes and large triangular ears that are always perked up when the dog is interested in something.


The Taco Terrier is a hybrid dog that tends to blend the best characteristics of both parent breeds. They are active and very intelligent and less prone to being timid and fearful than the Chihuahua, but also less aggressive and hyper than the Toy Fox Terrier. Of course some puppies will more closely favor one parent or the other so breeding for both physical health as well as temperament is important.

The Taco Terrier, like many of the toy dog types, can become spoiled if not treated like a pet rather than a human being. They need to have firm, consistent and positive training and an obedience class is highly recommended. Patience in housetraining is often required with this toy sized dog but they will quickly catch on once they understand what is required.

Some Taco Terriers can be rather aggressive and terrier-like, however with early and consistent training they can become terrific companion pets for families with older children, other dogs and even cats and other types of pets.

Grooming And General Care

Grooming this canine hybrid is simple and once or twice a week with a grooming mitt or glove or a bristle brush is all that is required. They are average shedders but with routine grooming this is not typically a problem since they are so small. The Taco Terrier needs to have routine nail trimming and good dental hygiene care throughout their life.

The Taco Terrier is not suited for cold weather outings and should be kept out of wet environments as much as possible. They can be prone to getting chilled and may shiver excessively in even moderately cold temperatures. Most owners in northern areas housetrain these small dogs in a litter box or toilet area within the house to prevent problems with the dog not wanting to go outside into the snow.

While a small dog, the Taco Terrier loves to run and play and needs routine exercise. They do need to be in a fenced yard as they are protective and may not realize they are much smaller than other dogs, leading to injuries. In addition the Taco Terrier may also be prone to chronic barking issues so early and consistent training is essential.

Clubs and Registries:

  • ACHC
  • DRA
  • ICA
  • UABR
  • APRI
  • CKC

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for introducing it to me. I never heard of it.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      Okay, how cute are these little guys going to look in a custom silk scarf!!? VERY! Love this hub. Thanks for the read.