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Tallest Dog In The World

Updated on January 27, 2013

Great Dane World's Tallest Dog Breed

Great Dane In Action
Great Dane In Action | Source

How Big Is A Big Dog?

When you are the worlds tallest dog you don't have to worry about people accidentally stepping on you, in fact if you stand on your hind legs you are taller than most people (even taller than Shaquille O'Neal).

Welcome to the world of Giant George the Great Dane.

The Guinness Book Of World Records has Giant George listed as the tallest living (and tallest ever) dog. The official statement is:

The tallest dog living is 'Giant George' a Great Dane, who measured 1.092 m (43 in) tall on 15 February 2010 and is owned by David Nasser of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Being the biggest dog doesn't mean you have to be the scariest dog, and George doesn't seem that scary - once you get over his horse-like size. Being a Great Dane probably helps with that as they are relatively placid animal with a generally good nature. But make no mistake, if you make him mad he would have no trouble swallowing you whole (well almost).

What does it take to feed the worlds tallest dog?

You might well ask, and you probably won't be surprised to discover that a dog almost as large as a horse almost consumes a horse a week. To keep George at his trim,over 245 pound, weight he must consume 110 pounds of food every month - Global recessions not with standing.

Dog beds? Forget it! Giant George demands his own Queen Size Bed. Don't even ask if his owners (although who owns who is up for debate) sleep with their dog.

Born in 2005 George has a long way to go before he can claim to be the worlds oldest dog but that isn't stopping him enjoying plenty of fame at the moment. He has written his own books, starred on more TV shows than most of Hollywood, and helped animal charities around the world deal with natural disaster relief.

George first went public with his official Guinness inclusion as the world's tallest dog on the Oprah show settling once an for all who was top dog. George displaced Titan, another Great Dane from the lofty position. He hasn't looked back since, and at this stage there have been no successful bids to knock Giant George from his big role.

Worlds Tallest Dog In Action

What About You ...

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Meet A Previous Biggest Dog Title Holder

Do you have a dog bigger than Giant George the Great Dane and current Guinness World Record holder?

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  • PetMemorialWorld profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from New Zealand

    I should imagine he would be equally hard to ignore at the dinner table - looking down at you with those big puppy dog eyes lol

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 

    6 years ago from England

    I have seen him on tv! wow! he is huge! lol! as you said, can you imagine sharing a bed with him? haha! lovely dog though, cheers nell


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