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Teacup Pigs tips

Updated on October 8, 2012
Teacup pigs
Teacup pigs

Are teacup and micro pigs different?

Teacup, micro and miniature pigs. Are they really different or the same? Well, the truth is that they are pretty much the same kind of pig. Each and every of the above titles, is meant to describe the size of the pig, not the kind.

These are small pigs, but not like the ones at stables and mud. Teacup pigs came from Europe and they have started to spread among United States as a pet. These little creatures not only keep themselves pretty clean, but they are also easy to train. However, if you are interested in having one as a pet, you should have a look below, on things to be on the lookout.

Teacup piglets' diet and hygiene.

They are very intelligent and you can train them in a couple of days to use the litter box. They keep themselves pretty clean, so you won't have to worry about it.

Their diet should be based on nutritious and specific diet. They must not be overfed, since they are not like regular piglets. You can feed them with mini pig junior food and replacement milk. In order to keep their food intake balanced, you should give them 1/4 cup of mini pig junior food once in the morning and once at night. You can give them a treat between the main courses, like a few fruits or vegetables. Their water intake is very important and you can mix water with their food.

Things to look out before getting a teacup pig as pet

If you are considering of getting a teacup pig as pet, before everything, you should check if it is allowed in your living zone, to have a pig as pet. Some countries' laws might get you penalized for doing so.

Some people might try to sell a regular newborn pig as a teacup pig. This not the same, since after 4 months or so, the pig will start growing and you will have to send it back to a farm somehow. Not to mention the differences in their behavior. So a sound advise is before getting a teacup pig, ask for the owner to show you its parents or even grandparents. They have to be small in relation to other pigs, in order to be considered as teacup pigs.

One last thing to pay attention is that, these micro pigs are affectionate and intelligent by their nature. If you hold them or cuddle them, you will get a very warm response. These baby piglets need to be held often. However, if they are not treated and cared properly (especially when they are young), chances are they will grow to become aggressive and intolerant inside a household.

Should you buy or adopt a teacup pig?

It is pretty hard to find and adopt a teacup pig for free. However, you should search to adopt one, before buying. It is better to get one from someone who has them spare.

If you don't find one to adopt, then buying one is the only way to go. There are many honored farmers and breeders, who take care of these teacup piglets and want them to live happy with you. However, there are also people who try to earn some money and pass you a fake teacup pig. One way to avoid this, is by asking the seller: "Will you be willing to take back the piglet if it happens to grow at 100 or even 200 pounds?".

You should check the seller thoroughly, before buying from them.

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