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Teddy can now jump into my Truck

Updated on May 6, 2015

12 year Teddy

Teddy my Boarder Collie/X now rising 13 years is starting to show his age, and more so when he lost his Mum Hannah at the age of 16. Every Morning the pair would collect the horse feeds bowls then have a game chasing them around the paddock.

As age gets on just like all of us, I have been noticing he had to really think about jumping into my Toyota Prado 4WD. When he had to jump in my girlfriends Nissan, and missed, I knew he had a problem with his sight as her vehicle is not as high as mine.

But back in December I was introduced to a product called StemPet, a natural product. Now he has no problem jumping in the vehicles as his eye sight and stiffness in his back legs have improved.

I would advise any one who wants to help there pet to take a look at the Stempet, plus I use the products for myself after over 4 years of looking for something natural for arthritic hands.




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